Monday, February 25, 2013

Manic Monday

So today was a typical Monday... Crazy!!! All Mondays are usually crazy for us so of course tucker would decide Sunday night would be a good night to keep me up all night!! Ok, maybe not all night but pretty close! Poor baby is having a hard time cutting these pesky molars! I pray we see some white coming through those gums soon!!

So after a very long night, I wake up to Tripp even more snotty than he has been and coughing to boot! I called the dr's office and they had an opening within 20 minutes of my call. I had to take the early appointment because we already had tripp's first dental appointment scheduled for later in the morning:0 so I get off the phone and rush around getting everybody ready and miraculously we were out the door within 15 minutes!! Good thing I'm pretty low maintenance;) after a quick doc appointment we find out Tripp is just fine and probably just has allergies, better safe than sorry! He even took a peek in Tucker's ears too to make sure he was good too:) after the dr we rushed home, put tuck down for a nap, and sweet aunt janelle came over to sit with tuck while I took Tripp to the dentist.

The dentist appointment went sooo well!!! I didn't really know what to expect but Tripp did amazing!! The lady told me not to expect too much on the first visit and it was more about getting him aquatinted with the office, but Tripp managed to get x-rays, get a cleaning and have the doctor take a look! He was soooo good and so precious:) my baby is growing up!

After a crazy, dreary morning, the sun managed to come out, so we picked up some chick fil a and headed outside for a picnic:) after lunch we played out the lane and Tripp rode his bike...such a beautiful day!! Once we came in, it was nap time for the boys and work out time for mommy!! Phew, what a long day it has been already and it's only 2:30!!

Ok enough bantering, here are a few pics:)


Ready for his exam!

Picnic time

Enjoying the beautiful day!

Love my boys...pic from Friday afternoon

We had lunch with daddy on Friday, proof that Carl does smile:)

Tuckey loves pickles!!

Ka-chow! This boy loves lightning McQueen!!

Friday was national margarita day.. So we def whipped some up:) I'm thinking after the day I've had, we may have to whip up some more;)

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope all are having an easier Monday than we are:)

Love and blessings,

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