Monday, August 29, 2011

A productive weekend

This past weekend was a fun one. I even got a few hours of mommy time! Friday night I met the girls at the movies to see "the help". I read the book so I was nervous to see how the movie would measure up. Well it was really good! I cried a lot, probably mostly due to my crazy hormones;) it was a fun night out. Saturday I attended a baby shower for Carl's sweet cousin jennie. It was fun getting to see all the ladies again and we even got a few good pictures...see below. There are now 6 of us pregnant and due between September and February, must be something in the water;) see the fun picture below.

Carl and tripp got to spend lots of time together this weekend and tripp loved it! He just loves his daddy and I'm sure he was happy to have mommy out of his hair for a bit! Daddy even let's tripp wear pajamas shirts out of the house!

The rest of the weekend was nice and we were able to get a lot done. Tucker's room is coming along and we even have his crib all ready now. I feel so much better, although there is still lots to do!

Sunday was a big day for us. We took tripp to church and put him the nursery for the first time! We should have done this a long time ago, bit I have been too scared! Well he did great! He went right in and didn't even look back as we were leaving. I had to hold back tears, but I survived:) we spent the rest of the day together and ended the evening having dinner with Carl's parents and Erik, kristen and Kate. It was a great Sunday! We also made a new purchase...we got a double jogging stroller! I have been looking at them for a while, I'm getting prepared to have tucker and get back in shape! Tripp loved the new stroller and cousin Kate even took a ride with tripp. I can't wait to start using it!

Guess I've babbled on enough for one post...hope all have a blessed week! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the few pictures.

Love and blessings,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A few pictures...

Just thought I would post a few pictures of the little man lately and also one of some good friends at the wedding we went to this past weekend. I also thought I would give a little update on baby tucker...I am now a little over 26 weeks and this little boy has been kicking and moving like crazy! Between my hyper little toddler and this hyper baby in my belly...I am one exhausted mama! All is going well and I will post another update with pictures of my growing belly real soon! For now enjoy the pictures below and have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Road Trip

This weekend we traveled to san Antonio for a friend's wedding. The wedding was on Saturday but we decided to go up on Friday and make a weekend of it. We left around tripp's naptime hoping it would help with the drive. We were worried how he would do in the car since he doesn't like to sit still for long. Well he did GREAT! He slept a little off and on, watched cars, mickey mouse, had some snacks and just otherwise looked out the window. We were pleasantly surprised and secretly relieved!

When we arrived in san Antonio we went to bass pro shops and tripp had a blast! He loved looking at all the animals and especially liked looking at the "fishies" in the big aquarium. Later we went and had dinner at alamo cafe (very yummy Mexican food!) With my mom, Keith and my good friend Kelly and her husband Eric who drove in from Dallas and stayed with all of us. It was a yummy dinner and fun getting together. We all went back to Keith's house (thanks again for so graciously hosting us all!) sat around and had some good laughs.

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast then ran some errands. Afterwards we all got ready and headed to the riverwalk for the wedding. Tripp stayed with his yaya and Keith while we went. They took him to bass pro shops again, the mall and fed him his favorite dinner, chikfila! He had a blast...thanks again yaya and Keith! We had a great time at the wedding and reception. It was so much fun seeing and catching up with old friends. We had some great laughs! I will post some pictures from the wedding later, I am blogging from my phone on our drive home so I haven't uploaded pics just yet. I will post a few pictures at the end of this post from my phone just to hold everyone over;)

We got up early as usual this morning when our alarm clock, aka tripp, woke us up, then we went and had some yummy breakfast with yaya and keith before heading out. We are now about an hour from home and our little champ is doing great in the car again! He is currently watching cars, eating "frenchies" and drinking some juice. It has been a great weekend! Enjoy the pictures below.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love and blessings,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Schindewolf Family Beach trip

This past weekend we packed up the car and traveled to galveston for the weekend. Carl's sweet parents rented a beach house for the weekend. We had a blast and tripp LOVED the beach! He especially enjoyed getting dirty, running into the waves, and of course playing with AND eating the sand! It was tripp's very first trip to the beach and he enjoyed it very much! We did end up having to cut our trip a little short and leave late saturday night because tripp did not sleep well at all friday night and woke everybody up! He has not traveled very much and is not used to sleeping away from home. Guess he is a "home body" like his mom and dad;) Nonetheless we had a great time with carl's family and managed to relax a little despite our energetic little man! Thanks to Grammy and coach for a fantastic weekend!! Below are some pictures from the weekend...just a warning, there are quite a few:)

so sweet!

notice the muddy sand on his chin...yep he just ate some!

my handsome boys

mr. mischief!

tripp and cousin kate

family shot (tucker is in there too;))

We had a great weekend and have another fun weekend coming up. We are going to san antonio for a friend's wedding and have decided to make a weekend out of it. Luckily my mom will be there to help with tripp. Hopefully he will sleep better! We will see!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a happy and blessed week!!

Love and Blessings,

Traci, tripp and baby tucker:)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So....tripp slept the whole night last night in his toddler bed without getting up once! He even stayed in his bed and just rolled around this morning when he woke up, waiting for me to come get him. I think he is starting to get the hang of this big boy bed thing;) I'm so proud of my little boy and can't believe he is growing up so fast! I thought this accomplishment was worthy of a blog post!

I also thought I would leave you with a few pictures of the big boy recently. Excuse the blurry picture of he and I, it was just a cute one of him trying to climb over me. The one of tripp in head phones is one of my faves, he loves putting on coach's headphones, running around and dancing! And he just loves to climb into his old baby swing, sit and drink his milk, hope he doesn't get too jealous when we put tucker in there;)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the pictures!

Love and blessings,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Crazy weekend

We had a crazy, but fun weekend this past weekend and most importantly we have been through 2 more nights of the "big boy" bed! Saturday night was the second night and Carl had to brave it alone! I went to college station for the night for a really fun girls night with some of Carl's sweet family. I had a blast but was worried about my boys. Carl said he did well until about 2 am when Carl got up to find tripp wandering around the house. Apparently Carl didn't shut tripp's door all the way and he figured it out quick;) afterwards they went back to sleep and all seemed to go ok. It was the first night I've ever left tripp with Carl and he did great! I'm sure tripp loved having his daddy all to himself:) Last night went ok, but tripp woke up about every 3 hours or so. The first time he woke up, climbed out of his bed, looked around then climbed back into his bed and went back to sleep. The second and third times he cried a bit got out of bed and back in a few times then went back to sleep. It wasn't too bad and he seems to be catching on. I think it will be just a matter of time before the excitement of being able to get in and out of bed will wear off and he will get back to sleeping through the night in his "big boy" bed! So we are getting a little more successful everyday!

On another note, my pregnancy is moving right along! Tucker is extremely active and seems to move the most at the sound of his daddy and big brother's voices! We finally got the crib set up in tucker's room and I'm starting to feel less anxious about our slow progress with his least he has a bed now;) We traveled to baytown yesterday to pick up the crib from my sister and were able to hang out and have lunch with her, my brother in law and nephews. Tripp had a blast and did not want to leave! It was a very busy weekend with lots of excitement and big needless to say we were all exhausted last night!

Like always, I've rambled enough for one post;) you'll have to excuse me for all the little details, these are just things I want to have documented and be able to look back on one day.

Below are a few pictures Carl sent me while I was away for the night..enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and hope all have a blessed week!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big boy bed: night one

So we made it through night one in the toddler bed! Carl came home last night and converted tripp's crib into a toddler bed. We then were just going to run up to Target to get a safety railing for the open side of the bed, but little did we know Target did not have one, nor did babies r us and 2 walmarts we went to! Finally Carl ended up having to drive out to another babies r us while tripp and I waited at home. Carl got home, put on the railing, safety proofed tripp's room a little more then it was time to lay him down. We also ended up putting a feather bed down beside his bed in case he decided to get crazy in his bed. Mainly because last night after Carl took off the side of his bed he got right on his mattress and started jumping and going crazy..even trying to roll off the side! This made me especially nervous!

So all nerves aside we put him down and laid down ourselves. I kept checking the video monitor and he was soundly sleeping. At about 2am we heard him whining and he was if course out of his bed. We decided to let him whine it out and see what he would do. After about 5 minutes he went back towards his bed and lay down on the feather bed and went back to sleep! He slept until about 6am then he was up. I was so relieved! My little boy is just getting too big for his britches!

I am heading out today for a girls night with some of Carl's sweet aunts, cousins and of course his awesome mom. So Carl and tripp will have lots of male bonding time today....and Carl will get a little peek at what I do everyday!

Sorry about all the ramblings, I just want to document this whole experience...because I just know someday we will look back and laugh, right?! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and blessings,

Friday, August 5, 2011

An interesting night

So we had an interesting night last night. We put tripp down for sleep in his crib as usual, and he started crying like he sometimes does. But all of a sudden the crying got louder and sounded like it was getting closer! Next thing we know our little 17 month old is walking into the living room! I can honestly say I paniced and started checking him to make sure he didn't injure himself, but he didn't. As soon as I picked him up he was totally fine and fell asleep in my arms. We laid him down again and lined pillows along the side of his crib hoping he wouldn't do it again and knowing we would not be sleeping well and watching the video monitor all night! I woke up several times and checked on him and he was sound asleep. This morning as Carl was getting up for work we heard him whine for a second then sounded like he went back to sleep. I couldn't see him on the monitor, which isn't unusual since he likes to sleep in the corner of his bed sometimes, so I told Carl to check on him. Carl peeked in his room and didn't see anything suspicious and assumed he was still sleeping. I continued to lay in bed and watch the monitor while Carl made his way into the kitchen to get his breakfast. A few minutes later Carl comes walking in the room with Mr. Mischievous in his arms! He said as he was making breakfast he turned around and tripp was standing there quietly looking at him! So at some point early this morning our monkey climbed out of his bed AGAIN! So needless to say we will probably be trying out his toddler bed tonight. I really didn't want to have to do it this early, but obviously it is the safer option. This should be interesting! I'm telling you, never a dull moment with this little boy! He continues to outsmart us everyday!

Thanks for stopping by...just had to record this crazy memory!

Love and blessings,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just an update

my precious munchkin

Lately we have been pretty busy. We have been trying to clean up and clean out in preparation for our new bundle of joy this november. We have been pretty laid back about getting things ready this time around until august hit and I thought "wow! we only have 3 more months!"
So we have been trying to get into full gear and get ready! I am even having our carpets cleaned today to give us a nice fresh house! I have been so excited about this day since I scheduled it! It is sad the things we look forward to when we become adults!

We have had a pretty busy week so far which is great! Monday we had a playdate at our house with our good friends. Tripp had so much fun and was so worn out that he fell asleep in my arms before everyone was even out the door...this is very rare for my munchkin so I knew he was tired!Tuesday I had an appointment to see my aunt who is a dermatologist. I had to bring tripp with me so my sister tiffany graciously agreed to come with me to help out. Well it's a good thing she did. My aunt was running behind so we had to wait for like an hour! tripp was running around like a crazy man and my poor sister was a trooper and right behind him the whole time. By the time we went back in she was sweating and panting! Guess it's some good birth control for her;)

Tripp has been as mischevious as ever! Lately he has learned to put on his crocs and will go stand by the door and say "guh, guh" which means go. He really likes to go places, probably because due to the heat we have been staying home ALOT lately. He also knows what bye bye means and if he hears it he will again run to the door and wait to go. So I have to be really careful not to say either of those words or face a meltdown if we do not in fact go. He is still very active and it is hard to go anywhere because his "sit still" limit is very short! last night we decided to go and have some frozen yogurt when carl got home. As soon as we sat down our little boy was off! He was running all around the store laughing and screaming. Needless to say we didn't stay very long. And just this morning, as I turned around to wash a dish in the sink I noticed my little boy had disappeared. I walked all around the house and could not find him anywhere! Just as I was starting to panic I decided to check the back room (that we are working on for Tucker and usually keep the door closed) I opened the door and there was mr. mischeif standing there looking up at me with a mischeivous little grin on his face! So he had quietly snuck away, opened the door and quietly closed it behing him. Then he proceeded to wait there and smile all while listening to me panic and call out his name! What a monkey!! I tell you what this little boy keeps me on my toes! What will I do with two?!

Tucker has been doing well and growing at a rapid rate! My belly is getting very large! He is also extremely active in there...even more so than tripp was. Uh oh I'm in trouble!! nonetheless we can't wait to meet our second little man:)

All in all things are going well. Can't believe tripp will be 18 months in 1 month! time goes by too quickly. Since having children I have learned to enjoy every single second....even the crazy ones;) and I thank God every day! As usual, enough rambling! enjoy some pictures.



"knock, knock!" let me in "co!"

helping daddy out

One more quick funny story before the next picture. this past weekend we took tripp to mcdonalds for lunch and decided to let him play in the play place. there was a nice little toddler area that we put him in, but that only lasted so long. Before we knew it he was in the big kid area trying to climb up into the tubes up above! Well since he is such a fast little climber he was almost to the top within a few daddy had to jump in and climb up after him! That only fueled tripp to climb higher and faster since daddy was now chasing him! It was hysterical! I'm sure people were wondering why there was a grown man in the kid place!

pulling tripp out

tripp standing on his new stool daddy made him since he likes to look out the wondow and push his cars around the window sill

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all got a few good laughs at our life with a crazy little boy! will update again soon. Have a blessed week.

Love and blessings,

Traci, tripp and baby tucker

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
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