Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending a wedding for two of our good friends, Lance and Michelle. It was a weekend of fun all starting on friday night for a fun and yummy rehearsal dinner. The wedding was so beautiful and elegant and michelle was the most gorgeous bride! WE had a great time catching up with some old and new friends!! We are so happy for Lance and his new bride! Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Mr. & Mrs. Voelkel

love these guys!

the beautiful couple

Lance and his guys... including the most handsome best man ever;)
erik, kristen, carl and I
While we were enjoying ourselves at the wedding, our little tripper had his first sleepover away from mommy and daddy! He spent the night with his yaya (my mom). She was so sweet to keep him overnight so we could have some fun and get a good nights sleep! He was great and I survived! A lot of our friends even went out after the wedding but carl and I had to decline because sadly we wanted to get home and get some good sleep:) It was a great night! Overall we had a wonderful weekend and are so blessed to have such great friends...we can't wait to spend some time with the voelkels!! We have another good friend getting married in two weeks...we can't wait to see how beautiful a bride miss bailey will be! I will leave you with a few pics of my little man. Have a blessed week!!

lovin' the bumbo!

this is how mommy gets laundry done:)
love and blessings,
traci & tripp

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tripper Dipper Do!

our little dumplin'
Well we have had quite a busy past weekend and week. We had a great father's day weekend and got to have lots of family time! This past week tripp got to spend time with his nana, his yaya and his grammy! Thanks for all your help...we appreciate it and tripp loves it! Today tripp and I went to our bible study and he got to spend time with all his buddies! We even got to spend some extra time with nina and was a lot of fun!! Below are some pictures from the past week.
"what you looking at?"

wrestling mr. sock monkey!

this is how we roll...
(the only way to keep tripp from screaming in the car is for his fan to be blowing on him, that his daddy rigged for our hot natured baby, and for him to watch his handy manny dvd!)

my fan is so funny! (evan was riding with us too!!)

tripp and his buddies judd and evan

uncle erik, cousin kate, tripp and daddy

tripp with daddy and coach (yes carl and his dad are dressed alike...haha)

the schindewolf boys...and kate too!
We have a busy weekend ahead. Two of our best friends are getting married...Lance and Michelle! We are so excited for all of the festivities to begin. We love them both so much and are so happy for them! Tripp will be spending lots of time with his yaya this weekend...he loves his yaya!! We will definitely be posting some fun pictures after the weekend.
In closing I wanted to share a poem that I got out of a book I have been reading: Bringing up boys by: James Dobson:

That Little Boy of mine
two eyes that shine so bright
two lips that kiss goodnight
two arms that hold me tight
that little boy of mine
no one could ever know how much your coming has meant
because i love you so, you're something heaven has sent
you're all the world to me
you climb upon my knee
to me you'll always be
that little boy of mine.
love this so much! It is my poem to my little tripper dipper do!! Love you baby!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend! We will update again real soon!!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 1st Father's Day!

It's a little early but I wanted to pay tribute to a wonderful husband and father. Tripp and I are very blessed to have carl in our lives. He's our mr. fix-it, can do anything, spider/roach/insect/snake/anything that creeps mommy out killer, trash taker outer, lawn mower, griller, problem figure outer, laugh maker, calming, patient, sweet, loving daddy...our hero!!

Here are a few words from tripp to his daddy (yes i speak baby;)):

thank you for loving me so much. And thank you for working so hard for me and mommy. i think you are the funniest guy ever and can't help but laugh at you all the time! i love hanging out with you especially outside and don't tell mommy but i really enjoy our "guy time" and like that we can just be quiet;) mommy talks my ear off. i'm so glad you are my daddy and i cant wait until i can walk so we can play football and baseball outside. i love you daddy. happy first father's day to you!


Happy 1st Father's Day to my wonderful husband! We love you!!

Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Week Aunt Mo!

Happy Birthday Aunt MoMo!!

This past week we celebrated my sister's 27th birthday! We all went out to pappasitos to celebrate. Mom treated us all to a yummy meal and some yummy RJ Goodies cake for dessert! Tripp loved seeing his yaya, aunt momo, uncle buck, aunt rat and cousins blake and jake!

tripp trying out cousin jake's seat

yaya, her three girls and her three boys too:)

Ya and her boys

so tired!

We also had another playdate! Here's another picture of tripp with his buddies! We had babies everywhere!! ;)

Evan, Tripp and Judd

Today my nephew blake spent the day with us. I braved the mall with the two boys. Blake was a big help and tripp was the perfect angel....he likes to people watch just like his mommy;) We had a fun time! We even got to visit with aunt mo, uncle buck and cousin jake later in the day too! Tripp loves to watch his cousins run around and can't wait to join them!!
Well just wanted to post a few new pictures! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!!
Traci & Tripp

Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Fun and BIG changes

We had a great weekend this past weekend full of family and fun! But more importantly there have been a few big changes in the schindewolf house! Tripp has officially rolled over! He did it this morning from his back to his tummy and he was so proud of himself...smiling big and laughing for mama! Technically he rolled over yesterday. Carl was watching tripp yesterday while I was working out and he told me tripp rolled over to both sides! I didn't want to believe it until I saw it for myself;) Well he sure did! We are so proud of our big boy!! We also believe that tripp might be teething!! He would of course be one of the early teethers, now that all is getting better and he sleeping so good at night! He has been drooling like crazy, chompping on his hands, my fingers, teethers and anything else he can put in his mouth! Not to mention he has been quite a bit fussier these days! Wow, there's a lot going on over here!!

We had a busy weekend full of family fun! Friday carl was sweet to watch tripp while I worked out and got my hair done and then we spent the rest of the day together! Saturday Carl, tripp and I went to the mall, academy and then over to visit with adam and jessica, joshua and judd. We even got to meet little miss kayleigh who was visiting with jessica's mom and step-dad. Afterwards Carl, Tripp and I went and had a nice family dinner at lupe tortillas. It was a really fun day. Sunday Carl, Tripp and I went and had lunch with my mom, my sisters, my brother-in-law and nephews. It was so fun getting together and of course tripp loved seeing his big boy cousins! Later that afternoon we all went over to my dad's house for some yummy brisket and to celebrate father's day and kelly's birthday! We had a great time! Tripp was pooped on sunday night so we gave him a bath before we left dads and he slept all the way home and all night too!! We are so blessed to have such great families!

Today tripp and I went and had lunch with michelle and Mrs. Voelkel. Mrs. V was so sweet and helped with tripp during lunch. Tripp really likes Mrs. V and michelle! We can't wait for Lance and Michelle's wedding in two weeks!!

Here are some pictures from our weekend...enjoy!

Kelly, Blake, Little Blake and Jake

kisses and cousins!!

tripp hanging out outside...he loved it of course!

all the guys (chief, Blake, Carl and the boys)

sweet cousins

so precious!

tripp and daddy enjoying the view

jake playing with a duster!

yaya, tripp, aunt rat and jake

yaya and her tripper

dummy, blake and jake

Thanks for checking in! We will update again soon! Have a great week!!
Love and blessings,
Traci & Tripp

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a week

Our handsome man
(thanks for the pic kristen!)

Our little handome man is now 14 weeks old. He continues to amaze us everyday. We love him more than words can express. He is just such an amazing blessing in our lives.

Last weekend Carl was away from us for the first time! We missed him very much but we had a fun weekend with my mom, tripp's yaya. Carl had a fun weekend with the guys celebrating lance's bachelor party in austin, but he missed us too! He even came back early sunday morning and surprised us at yaya's house! Mom and I took tripp shopping with us on saturday. He was a little angel especially since we were outside most of the time at the outlets in cypress. We enjoyed spending time with my mom and my little sister. YaYa enjoyed watching tripp splash in his bath and also enjoyed helping out with all the feedings. She was even sweet enough to get up with him in the early morning and do his feeding so I could rest. My mom is the best and tripp loves his yaya!! My mom spoiled us so much, we love going to yaya's!! Thanks mom! Below are a few pictures from the weekend....enjoy!

mama and yaya wore me out!

playing football with daddy before he left

such a happy guy!

having coffee with daddy before his trip to austin

Carl and I have been looking at pictures of ourselves and trying to determine who tripp looks like. We think he might look like his mama at this point (yay!!;))

carl and cute!



Today we went over to jessica's to hang out and get started on a bible study for us mommys! We had a fun time getting together like we always do and tripp enjoyed seeing his buddies. Here are a few pictures from today.

tripp and sweet cousin kate

"buddies"... judd, evan and tripp

judd and tripp

Tripp has been doing so good lately. He sleeps so good in his crib which is great for mommy! He also loves to watch tv and play under his activity mat. He has started grabbing his toys and hitting at the toys hanging down from his activity center. He will go anywhere with me as long as I strap him on and he can look around. He however does not like riding in the car! I just love this little boy and he is growing up so fast!!

We just wanted to post a little update. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!


Traci & Tripp

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
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