Sunday, February 24, 2013

Almost 3!

Tonight we celebrated tripp's birthday a little early. He turns 3 on march 4th, but since coach is having a knee replacement surgery this week and will be out of commission, we decided to have an early celebration! Tripp was so excited to see his cousin kate and blow out his candle and of course eat cake!! I made a turkey meatloaf, some roasted green beans and homemade mac'n'cheese. It was yummy and we had fun celebrating with coach, aunt janelle, uncle e, aunt k and the girls. Aunt janelle even brought some of her delicious dumplings!! Here are a few pics from tonight and earlier today. Enjoy! btw, I actually used my camera today!!
eating cake with kate!

blowing out his candle

yummy cake...tried to use a truck cookie cutter, doesn't really look like one

loves his coach!

 silly girl! she and tripp were having a blast in the ball pit!

 how he spends most days!

poor tuck, teething is hitting him hard:(
 daddy took tripp out to the construction area past our pasture...
and then daddy let him climb to the top!!
We had such a fun low key weekend that ended with a fun celebration!! I also attended a baby shower for my sweet friend nina, it was so cute and lots of fun! My awesome hubby was very helpful as usual and let me get some much needed rest:) So all in all a great weekend!! Hope all have a happy and blessed week! Thanks for stopping by!
Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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