Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's march!!

I cannot believe we are already in march!! That means my biggest baby turns three in just a few days!! He has been super excited about his birthday party at chuck e cheese! It is all we have been talking about for months and it is today!! We are excited:) luckily it isn't until later in the day, so we have some time to get a few things done:) last week was a crazy one!! And our coach had a knee replacement so we have been trying to be around for him and help to keep him comfy:) he is doing ok just in a lot of pain! Last night we had dinner with some amazing friends:) we were late because Carl stayed at the hospital a little longer than expected because poor coach wasn't feeling good:( luckily his brother came up to relieve him:) anyways, we were late and had two fussy little boys with us! They are so wonderful and didn't mind at all! They even brought Tripp a birthday present (a new lightning McQueen and sunglasses...his fave!!) and a Mickey Mouse for tuck (his fave!!) thanks Tiffany and mike for being such awesome friends!!

It has been quite a week but we are super pumped to celebrate Tripp today with great family and friends!!

I also have to thank my dad and ginger and my mom and sister Tiffany for all their help this week so that I could be up at the hospital to help our coach:) love you all!!

Ok here are a few random pictures. I'm sure after tonight there will be lots more:)

Great to see this smile after all the teething fussiness!

Watch out ladies!!

So we had horses running around our pasture the other morning! Tripp loved it! Never a dull moment!!

A lunch date with my loves:)

Silly chief had fun with the boys!

Such a mommy's boy!

Here's to a fun Saturday and an easier upcoming week!! Thanks for stopping by!

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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