Friday, September 28, 2012

bon voyage!

We are officially off on our disney cruise in the morning! We have been packing and preparing for  weeks now...traveling with 2 little ones is crazy!! But we are all packed up and ready to go! See yall in a week...signing off for now;)
 practicing how we will roll around on the cruise;)
 a suitcase full of diapers...check!
all our bags are packed and we are ready to go!!
Good night and we hope all have a happy and blessed week!! Thanks for stopping by!
Love and Blessings,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

growing up

I just have to brag on my big boys for a minute. They are both getting so big and growing and changing every minute! Tripp is very active and crazy most of the time, but is starting to calm down and obey a little bit more;) Last night we went to visit grammy at the hospital then we went out to dinner. We don't usually go to dinner because tripp does not like to sit still for very long so we were a little nervous. We also didn't have the ipad (which helps) so we weren't sure how it would go and were ready to bolt at any minute;) Well it went so well!! Tripp sat quietly the whole hour and ate lots of chips and fajitas!! He even ordered "ju" (apple juice). I did let him watch tom and jerry on my phone so that helped, but he was such a big boy!! I almost cried. Tucker was pretty good most of the time too. I kept handing him snacks and toys and he was pretty content most of the time in his high chair. However, towards the end of dinner he started getting fussy because he was tired, so I held him and gave him his bottle and he was fine. We even had an older couple beside us who complemented us on our well behaved kids...I almost choked on my food!! haha.
Tucker is growing so fast too!! He is quite a lazy little thing, compared to his brother at this age, but he does get around a room quickly by doing his infamous log roll! He also, claps, gives 5, waves, dances and loves to shake his head!! His most favorite thing to do is stand up! He can't quite pull himself all the way up, but with a little help getting up, he will hold on to something and stand on his own! Thinking he may be skipping the crawling and going to straight to walking. We will see. Grammy told me that is what carl did...maybe he will be like his daddy!! Ok enough about my precious boys!! Time to do some more packing before they wake up! Enjoy the few pics:)
my big boy all tuckered new slippers for the cruise!

 sweet brother hugs:)
the loves of my life:)
playing a little music;)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!!
Love and Blessings,

Monday, September 24, 2012

one last birthday celebration

This past weekend was a doozie! And I mean doozie in a good way and a not so good way. First of all, it is the last weekend we had before we leave on our disney cruise in 5 days!! Also, Carl is in the middle of closing several houses he is in charge of, so that has meant many long nights and all day saturday!! Luckily, my awesome mom watched my boys for a few hours while I went to the hair salon to get a keratin treatment on my hair...thanks mom!! Then Saturday night we went out to my dad's for dinner and a birthday celebration for me. Sunday was spent running around crazy, doing errends and taking care of last minute things. So all in all it was a fun weekend but also pretty crazy! We are super excited about our cruise, but also a little nervous about how the boys will do. They are so used to sleeping in their own rooms and everybody sleeps so good, but we will all be in one room....this should be interesting;) Nonetheless, it should be a fun week and the boys will be excited to see mickey and all his friends! Ok, I think I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking for me:) Hope all have a great week!!
aunt mo swimming with the boys

yummy cake!

say cheese!

 precious jake
 sweet cousins
 dad, not the most photogenic;) haha. and who is that white boy?? haha.
 my candle blowers;)
 love these boys!!
 a family dip!
carry on?? ;)
 gorcery shopping in their matching mickey halloween shirts!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a great week!! Please keep our grammy in your prayers:)
Love and blessings,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 months and more

So My little boy is now 10 months old!! Can't believe it!! In 2 short months this big guy will be 1!! Time sure does fly when you're having fun;) Here are some of the things our punkin' is up to:
- wears size 18 months
- size 4 diapers
- still drinking about 3-4 bottles a day (we are introducing the cup now too)
- trying lots new foods (went to specialist...all going well:)
- loves grapes, apples, strawberries, little crunchies, cherrios and especially guacamole! (so great to have finger foods he can eat!!)
- is a lazy little guy and still not crawling, however he does log roll all across the floor like a champ;)
- loves to stand up on his chunky little legs
- LOVES to jump and gets crazy in his doorway jumper:)
- is a mommy's boy...loves his mommy:)
- thinks his daddy is pretty funny too:)
- loves to play with his brother
- is so talkative and says baba and mama all the time...tripp was not this talkative!
- loves baths but not crazy about swimming pool water...that should be interesting on our cruise;)
- is so laid back and def seems to have carl's personality;)
- sleeps like a champ (7:30- 6:30ish) and takes 2-3 naps a day
- loves to clap (started clapping around 9 months)
- is really tickleish under his chin and between his legs!
- is super precious and I love him sooooo much!!
That is what our little guy is up to these days. I really can't believe how fast he is growing up, but I love every minute of it and especially love how much my boys interact these days:) Now on to sort of another blog post about our fun weekend....
We love the weekends, especially because daddy is home:) This weekend I was able to get my hair hilighted, an appoinment I made 3 weeks ago...and have been looking forward to for a while:) any mommy knows that sitting in a hair salon in peace for a few hours is heaven;) Anyways, Carl has been super busy at work and has been working a lot of saturdays. So after my appointment he had to go in to check on his houses. So I resumed my mommy duties:) After carl got home, we all got ready and headed out to celebrate abbey's first birthday party. It was a fun swimming party so trippey had a blast! We had a great time celebrating:) On sunday, I had a spontaneous lunch date with my sisters and then spent the rest of the day with my boys. Carl and I did a lot of cleaning and organizing then ended the day having his parents over for dinner. We love family time!! Ok enough with all the chitter chatter here are some pictures...

 love this pic!!
 so sweet!
 love his g & c!
 the birthday girl!
 oh crazy boy!
look what crazy coach did!
somebody is loving cheerios these days:)
 what a life!
tripp wanted to do his bible study with mommy;)

lunch date

blake and jake brought tripp a cookie and a plate from disney world...he was super excited!
 my sweet boys
 tripp thought it was funny to jiggle brother's tummy! haha

 haha! has a sensitive gag reflex...can you tell??

tripp wanted to try on the tie and lil bro was ready for nap!
thanks for stopping by and for bearing with the double blog post in one! Hope all have a great week!!
Love and Blessings,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a productive day...

So today I had a very productive day. I guess it's easy to do that when you are up at 5:30am (with one of my kiddos of course;)). Tuck woke up at 5:30am so I got up, had some coffee, fed tuck, saw carl off to work, then set tuck up with some toys and had some quiet time while working on a beth moore bible study I am partaking in. Around 7, tuck was ready to go back to sleep, so I put him down then worked out, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen and put dinner to cook in the crock pot. By 8, tripp was up. So I fed him breakfast and sat down for a few minutes to spend some rare one on one time with my big boy! Tuck was up again around 9 so I got him up, got both boys ready and then we headed to kohls....not before stopping off at starbucks for a well deserved non-fat, no whip pumpkin spice latte;) After shopping we came home, I fed the boys lunch then we went for a bike ride down schindewolf lane. We even stopped off to see grammy and her friend margie for a few minutes. After our bike ride, we took a spontaneous trip to the mall to get this mommy some new kicks;) (aka: new tennis shoes!) We left the mall, came home and both boys went right down for nap! I took advantage and took a shower:) Now here I am updating my blog and relaxing for a few minutes before my boys are up and running again;) Now if that's not "production" I don't know what is;) Our day isn't over yet, we may take a little afternoon shopping trip with grammy too:) Gotta love days like today! Thank you Lord for giving me time today!
Tomorrow tripp goes for his second day of mother's day out, (since he only goes once a week) and since carl and I have to take tucker to his gastro specialist appointment downtown, grammy and coach will be taking tripp to school! Hopefully that will make the transition even easier with less tears! Praying for a good day for my big boy and for more positive results for our little guy:) Ok here are a few recent pictures...enjoy!
 playing in the tall grass in the pasture
 wagon rides with daddy and enjoying the fall like weather:)
 my precious boys!

 hunka, hunka burnin' love;)
 mommy and tuck tuck
 mommy and trippey (post workout!)
this is how we roll;)
Thanks for stopping by! Hope all are having a great week!!
Love and Blessings,

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Another year older means another year of blessings! Today was a fabulous day filled with family, friends and most importantly my boys. It was a happy birthday indeed:) Last night, grammy and coach came over and watched our boys while carl took me out for a nice birthday dinner. This morning, carl let me sleep in then went and got me some yummy panera for breakfast. Tripp even walked in with a frosting mustache holding a bouquet of red roses for sweet! In the afternoon all of us schindewolf ladies attended a wedding shower for sweet cousin shayna, which was so much fun! Aunt carrie even recognized me, wished me a happy birthday and gave me a bouquet of gorgeous pink roses! It was really sweet. And tonight, my amazing in-laws picked up gringos (my fave) and had us all over for a celebration! It was so much fun and I felt so loved:) Not to mention all the facebook love, emails, texts and calls!! Thank you all so much for thinking of me...I am beyond blessed:) We had a great weekend. Now to the pictures...
 playing with my sweets
 my fave petit fors...carl went to a special bakery to get them
 congrats shayna and kyle!
 all of us girls...minus abbey
 all of the schindewolf ladies

my sweet little bday twin (she turns 1 tomorrow!)

 sorry erik had to post this...HILARIOUS!!
 me and my sweet hubby
 me and my boys<3 p="p">
how sweet is this?! melts my heart!
happy 1st birthday to this sweet girl tomorrow!!
Thanks again for all the birthday love! Hope all had a great weekend!! thanks for stopping by:)
Love and Blessings,

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
how it all began...