Monday, February 18, 2013

15 months

Our precious tucker bug is now 15 months old!! I can hardly believe it. He is so different from his big brother and seems to have a personality more like his daddy's. He is super laid back and seems to like to do things on his terms;) He is not walking yet, but getting closer everyday! I was super worried about him especially since his brother was walking before one and at this age was already climbing out of his crib!! Again, they are like night and day and I've learned to stop the comparisons:) tuck may not be walking but here are some things he is doing:

-points to everything!! Been pointing for a while now
-crawling and cruising everywhere, getting close to walking!
-tries so hard to talk, says mama, dada, bruh (brother), I duh (I do for when we ask him things) and a few other things
- drinks lots of milk!
-loves all food!!
- loves suckers and Popsicles
- really loves Oreos
- loves to play with his brother's cars and trucks
- loves special agent oso
- loves to dance
- is a great sleeper, but hasn't been lately due to teeth:(
- still takes 2 naps a day
- size 4 diapers
- size 18-24 months
- is a mama's boy!!
- loves to be outside
- absolutely loves to swing outside and would stay there all day if you let him!
- smiles all the time:)
- hates to wear shoes and socks! Will always pull them off
-likes to wave to everybody and say bye bye
- is quite the little flirt:)

As you can see our little man is such a sweet natured little boy and has been pretty busy these days. He has been pretty whiny lately because he is teething and he only wants his mama when he is not feeling good! That's ok, I will take it! I know one day he will not want his mama so much:) I love this little boy to pieces!! Sometimes I can't wait for him to walk but then I think about how fast he is growing up!! He is getting a little heavy to carry around so much;) at least I'm building some muscle:) anyways here are a few pics of our boy and a few from this weekend! We had a laid back weekend, went out to eat, went to a birthday party and spent lots of time outside!!

Sweet tuck

Tripp fascinated with the pirate at Judd's party!

Taking a ride with daddy


All my boys, I'm a lucky girl

Tuck was not happy about sharing with brother!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a great week!! Tomorrow we go for tuck's 15 month check up and get shots!!! Wish us luck;)

Love and blessings,

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