Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

We had a great valentine's day this year! It was full of hugs, kisses and lots of candy and sugar highs:) Carl was so sweet and brought me my favorite flowers (tulips) and my fave bottle of wine and champagne! Don't worry, we didn't drink them both;) he also bought me a pair of boots that I mentioned wanting...he does listen to me after all;) I gave him a little gift everyday in February leading up to vday:) I also gave him a new shirt, some candy and a pic of me and the boys:)

Valentine's day ended up being a crazy busy day for us! Yesterday Tripp went to school as usual and was excited about eating pizza and cupcakes and celebrating valentines day! After we took him to school, I came home put tuck down, hopped on my elliptical, did some weights, took a shower and got ready. By that time tuck woke up, ate lunch then we headed to tripp's school for his party. After his party, we went to pick up coach at the dealership then came home and played outside for a few minutes. Later in the afternoon, our awesome babysitter Serena came over at the last minute to watch the boys so I could go visit my good friend Nina in the hospital. She gave birth to her precious baby girl, Alyssa, at 31 weeks unexpectedly. She was a sweet little angel weighing in at 2lbs 14 oz on valentines day (2/14!). She just couldn't resist giving her mom and dad the best vday present ever:) on the way to the hospital my hubby called and asked to meet for a quick dinner! So we were able to squeeze in a nice little Valentine's date too! After dinner, Carl went home to relieve Serena and coach (who was so sweet to take tripp out to play) and I went on to pick up Bren and we headed to the hospital. We were so lucky to be able to go in and meet the sweet little angel! She is precious and looks just like her big brother:) please keep sweet Alyssa and the lees in your prayers:) once I got home from the hospital tucker was asleep and Tripp was ready for bed. So we put Tripp down and enjoyed a glass of champagne and each other:) it was a nice day an night! Ok enough with all the chit chat! Here are some pictures:)

I won't post all the pics of treats I gave Carl during the "14 days of valentines", but here are a few of my faves:)

Happy Valentine's day!!

How I started my busy Valentine's day! Thanks mom for the gift card:)

Tripp's valentines for his friends.

One of my 3 valentines<3

Before school

Crazy boy!

Eating pizza at school

At tripp's class party

Love him!!

The boys and ms Serena!

Tuck loved sitting in the chair with all the kiddos

Hanging out after a busy day!

Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to a laid back weekend:) hope all had a happy Valentine's day!! Please remember to keep baby Alyssa in your prayers:)

Love and blessings,
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