Monday, October 27, 2014

BIG week

So this is the beginning of a big week for our family. Wednesday tucker has an appointment with his surgeon to get his button taken out! They simply pull it out and bandage it and most kids stomachs close on their own. However there are some whose stomachs do not and in that case will have to have surgery to stitch it up. We are praying the doctor will look and think his will close and not want to do surgery. We will find out Wednesday! Nonetheless, the button is coming out and we are nearing an end to our journey! It is going to be an emotional day for me as it is the last physical reminder of all we have been through the past year and a half. On Thursday we go back to Texas children's for a long awaited appointment with our immunologist. We are curious as to what they have to say given all his improvements. I will update with any news. As for Wednesday, we will be celebrating God's blessings with our families! I even ordered tucker an Olaf cake:) so excited!! 

This past weekend we went to Carl's family's annual Halloween bash! It was super fun and the boys ( I mean captain America and Olaf) had a blast!! Here are a few recent pics including some from this weekend. 

Please continue to keep tucker in your prayers!! We love you all!!

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A good day

Today our precious tucker underwent his 6th and hopefully final endoscopy! He was such a trooper and even through tears waved at all the staff as they wheeled him to the procedure room:) anywho, the results were better than expected. Everything was clear, our doctor was completely baffled. It was no nice to see the pictures of nice pink lining (as weird as that sounds). He did have a few spots that looked like ulcers, but she wasn't too worried. She took biopsies to be sure and will let us know in a few days. The best news of all was that she gave us the all clear to call our surgeon and get his g button removed. This is the last step on the long journey we have been on. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders:) the day he gets it out will be a very emotional day for me but a good one. No one is certain that this will not come back since they still don't know what this is, but I have to remember who healed my baby. I have to remember that I have witnessed a healing miracle from our loving father! Amen! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers along this journey. It has been a long and rough road but we have almost made it there! 

I am awaiting a call back from our surgeon to set up an appointment. That day we will definitely be having a huge celebration and praising God! 

We go to see our immunologist on October 30th and are eager to see what they have to say. He is currently a part of 2 different research studies in hopes of finding a diagnosis. Until then we are so happy with how things are going now. God has truly blessed us. We hada rely rough year and a half but things are looking up! 

Again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!! We felt every one.

Of course we had to stop at target for a few treats after the rough morning:) thanks to yaya for buying him his new Olaf sheets!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed week all! I will update again soon!

Love and blessings,

Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm back!

It has been a long time since I've updated my blog! Really things have been going great and we have been super busy!! God has really blessed us this past year and we are so happy to have finally had a good year! I don't even know where to begin:) first of all, tucker is doing so well and has even started Mother's Day out two days a week! I can remember this time last year thinking that would never be possible, praise God! The doctors are still baffled and tuck has even been signed up for two different research studies in hopes of finding a diagnosis. He is doing so well but the fear is that they don't know what caused it all and could it happen again. I have to remember who healed my baby! God is so good and our faith and testimony are stronger than ever:) tucker still has his g-button in his belly, he has his 6th endoscopy this Wednesday and as long as the inflammation has not gotten worse the doctor will be comfortable taking the button out. So that is our prayer! We will definitely be celebrating the day that button comes out, the last and final reminder of what our poor guy has been through! I will update my blog once I know more on that:)

Tripp has been doing great and started pre-k at trinity this year. He is such a sweet hearted and smart little boy! He looks just like his daddy! He is such a joy in our lives:)

On another note, we bought a house and have been renovating! It was hard moving off of Schindewolf lane, but it was the right step for us and we go back ALL the time! It is so nice having so much more room and a pool in our backyard! Carl has been working hard since we closed at the end of June. We moved in Labor Day weekend and are still trying to finish up. We have come a long way! I will post before and after pictures after we are done:) 

That is all I will update on for now:) I am going to try and start blogging regularly again:) here are a few recent pictures. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a blessed week!!

Love and blessings,

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
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