Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy's Baby Boy

mommy and her precious gift from god:)

We had a fun and relaxing weekend. Here are a few pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!

beep beep

tried out my new baby food machine...made some sweet potatoes

tripp eating mommy's sweet potatoes....

success!! (he loved them!)

a quick family shot

love my little boy more than life!

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week!!

Love and Blessings,

C, T and t

Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Boy...

precious boy!

Our baby is growing up too fast! Tripp has officially graduated to a "big boy" car seat! Daddy installed it last night and we took our little man for a spin! He loved it and didn't know what to look at first! He was very smiley, despite the fact that his daddy accidentally pinched his leg when he got buckled in...he was a tough boy about it, he cried for a second then stopped and was happy again! What a tough little guy! I think it hurt me more than him!!

big boy in his car seat!
Tripp has been growing more and more alert everyday. He is way more in tuned with his surroundings and a lot more curious! He is a very mischievous little boy! In fact yesterday I put tripp in his chair and turned on mickey mouse clubhouse (his fave right now) why I went into the kitchen to rinse out his bottle. Mind you, Tripp sits in his chair quite often. Well I was gone about 30 second when I heard tripp hysterically laughing so I peeked around the corner to check and here is what I saw:

look at me mom!

I panicked at first and then couldn't help but laugh and snap a quick photo! Lessons learned:

1. tripp needs to be strapped in now

2. ALWAYS keep my camera handy! :)

I just couldn't believe that he figured out how to weasel his way out of his chair! What will he do next?! My sister (the mother of 2 boys) tells me to get prepared! I don't think carl and I will ever have a dull moment again! Here are a few more pictures of my mischievous little man.

just woke up and look just like daddy!

I will feed myself mommy!

trying hard to sit up!
This past week we had the pleasure of traveling to baytown and spending the night with my sister and her two boys! Her hubby was working nights so tripp and I packed up our house and went on down! Yaya even came and spent the night with us too! My sister and I took the two little boys and went and had lunch with my nephew blake at school. we even did a little shopping with the little boys as well. When one was whining the other was good, then the other would start whining! Wow were we exhausted! To top off the day and speaking of mischievous little boys...while we were there my 7 year old nephew broke the front window of their house by throwing a sword at it! My poor sister had to duct tape it until her hubby came home while I tried to keep her 2 year old son away from it! Wow, what we have in store when we have boys! Needless to say when we went out to eat that night mom, kelly and I all had a margarita! Boy did we need it;) Here are some fun pictures from our little trip.

shopping with our boys

my sister, myself and precious jake at dinner

yaya, blake and tripp

me and my blakey at his lunch

tripper and mommy at cousin's lunch!

kelly and her boys
What a fun and adventurous week! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! Will update again soon!!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp
P.S. hope you paid attention to the first song that plays on our blog. We love it and hope you do too!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

"shake, shake, shake your peanut!"

what a handsome 1st grader!
I first have to pay tribute to my nephew who started first grade today! I cant believe how big he is. We love you blakey and are so proud of you!!

So Tripp and I have been busy shaking our peanuts! haha. There is an episode of mickey mouse clubhouse where they sing a song about "shaking your peanut". So needless to say mommy has been singing that song and we shake our peanuts (our bums;)) Tripp has been a very busy little boy! He has become my little running buddy every morning. Since he has decided to start waking up at the crack of dawn, I've started to take advantage of that and getting my run in since it is still cool outside at the time.

Tripp has also found something new he likes to chew on...his toes! He can finally put them in his mouth...boy has he been trying to do this for some time now. It's hysterical! He also LOVES to jump around in his jumper! We put him in there and he just laughs and laughs. It's too cute! He is also just about sitting up on his own! He will sit for about a minute then slowly start to fall to the side. He is trying so hard! So we know it will be no time at all and our big boy will be sitting up! I can't believe how much he is growing and changing. It really seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little infant. Time really does fly by. I am so thankful I get to stay home with him and be with him everyday....I don't want to miss a minute!!

Carl, Tripp and I had a very relaxing weekend. We spent the whole weekend together hanging out! We have even started shopping for a "big boy" carseat! Yes it is already about that time! I took tripp to the store on friday and we tried out sitting in the cart. He loved being able to see everything, but about halfway through he got fussy so I found another position that worked well! (see pictures below). I am so ready to put the carrier away! It is bittersweet....because on one hand it means tripp is growing up (tear) but on the other hand it means my arms and back won't be so sore all the time! ;) On sunday after church, we went over to erik, kristen and kate's house so carl could help his brother with some "handy-man" duties...carl's specialty;) It was nice getting to hang out with kristen and cousin kate! We also got to see aunt mo and cousins blake and jake who stopped by to visit! Later in the day mom and keith came by and brought us some delicious apple pie and ice cream! It was a nice treat! I had to run a little extra this morning, but it was worth it! Keith also gave carl and I a gift card for the movies! We are so excited and are looking forward to some future date nights!!

I guess I have rattled on long enough! I'm sure carl will ask me why I "wrote a novel"...but oh well! Time to go have my quiet time before my little rascal wakes up from his nap (which have become longer these days:)) As usual enjoy all the pictures below!

the best running view (my lil' runnin' buddy)

tripp and sweet cousin kate!

"wolf pack"

mommy's precious super hero! (don't you love his new jammies?!)

trying out his portable high chair

just jumpin' around!

my new favorite chew toy!

mommy's running buddy

how we started at the grocery store...

how we ended up! (whatever works:))
Thanks for stopping by and we hope all have a blessed week and great start of the school year!!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tripp's First Haircut

Sunday night we decided it was time to trim tripp's crazy hair! Not only did he have a fancy little tail growing but also some long hairs up top! So carl/daddy pulled out the trimmer and got to work. Mommy was very nervous and very sad but all turned out well! Carl missed his calling as a barber....haha! Tripp did great! Not a peep the whole time. He was very calm and just watched. It's times like these where he reminds me of his daddy. If he were more like his mama he would have been screaming and throwing a fit;)! What a precious big boy!! Below are some pictures of how it went.

what a big guy!

hey mom look at me!

just a little off the sides daddy...
Time flies! Enjoy every minute!! Thanks for stopping by!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mommy's little butter bean...

Things have been much better since the formula switch! We have our fussy moments, but for the most part we have a very happy little boy! We had a stressful but fun week last week and a really fun weekend. Friday we even got to go visit yaya at her office. Tripp was such a little angel and really enjoyed seeing his yaya, papa, great uncles and numerous others! Friday night my mom watched tripp for us while carl and I went out to see a movie and have some ice cream. It was so nice to have a date night with my hubby. Saturday Carl, Tripp and I went out and ran some errands together then ended out the night at home with turkey burgers and a movie:) Sunday we took tripp to church with us for the very first time. We aren't quite ready for the nursery yet and we were not quite ready to take him into the actual we went and sat in the family room. Its a good thing because half way through the service tripp decided to give his vocal chords a warm-up and scream! It was pretty funny. After church we had lunch with yaya and keith at jason's deli. Tripp was so tired from screaming that he slept through lunch! We had a good time. Later in the afternoon we went over to the voelkel's and went swimming with lance and michelle. Tripp loved the pool and we had fun relaxing and having some yummy peach pie made by Mrs. Voelkel! Sunday evening carl was busy helping his aunt so yaya took tripp and I to go eat some yummy bar-b-que! It was quite an eventful day.

This morning tripp was being a little bit of a rascal, but once he calmed down we went up to northhampton elementary where grammy was helping out and he got to meet a lot of grammy's friends. He was of course a little ham and charmed all the ladies:) We are now back to fussy tripp and looks like it's going to be a long rest of the day! He just woke up so I better run! Here are some fun pics of my little butter bean!! Enjoy!

relaxing in the pool with daddy, uncle lance and jeff

uncle lance and tripper
(sorry uncle lance for taking a big poop while you were holding me;))

tripp and his yaya

"tough guy" (tripp's new jammies)

crusin around and showing off my muscles

crazy hair!

mommy, tripper and blake

precious cousins!
Thanks for checking in! We will update again soon! Hope everyone has a blessed week!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

Thursday, August 12, 2010

cousins and friends

"if you think i'm handsome you should see my daddy"

Although a bit stressful, we managed to have some fun this week. My sister and her boys were in town since her hubby was out of town. So we got to spend some great quality time with her and the boys! We even ventured to the memorial city mall and all piled into our small suv. Tripp loved riding in the car with his cousins and boy was it an experience with 3 young boys! My sister and I were exhausted!! We also made it to bible study this week and tripp was able to hang out with his buddies even and judd and joshua too! Below are some fun pictures of tripp and all the boys!! Boy are we all blessed with such precious little boys!!

precious cousins

tripp, evan and judd

(yes they are all wearing brown and yes evan and tripp have the same onesie on!)

all the boys in the car (no tripp is not drunk;))
Tripp has been a busy boy these days. Tripp is trying so hard to sit up and I know it won't be much longer now. He also grabs and examines every toy he plays with and then it goes directly into the mouth. He loves playing with his we have them everywere! The formula change really seems to be making a positive difference and he seems to be much more content now! He is just so precious and laughs, smiles and talks ALL the time! It melts my heart. The other night around 3 am tripp decided he was ready to wake up. So I laid him in bed between us to see if he would go back to sleep. We were trying to be quiet so we wouldn't wake daddy since he had to get up soon to go to work, but tripp had other plans. He would roll over to his side to face his daddy and just start laughing and talking and try to grab carl's hand. It was the cutest thing ever! What can I say tripp LOVES his daddy! He is also proving to be quite a little talker...maybe he will be more social like mommy;) Tomorrow night my wonderful mom is going to watch tripp for us so carl and I can have a date night! We are super excited and I know tripp will have a blast with his yaya...he loves his yaya!!
We hope everyone has a super fun weekend! Thanks for stopping by!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

Monday, August 9, 2010

One Rough Week

Although you can't tell from the above picture, we have had one rough week! Poor little tripper has been so fussy and nothing seemed to soothe him! It all started last monday when tripp started running fever and seemed to be miserable. I took him to the doctor and later found out he had roseola ( a skin rash that can cause irritability). His skin cleared up by thursday but the poor guy was still fussy! On Friday night carl and I were up ALL night with the poor little guy. However, on saturday we spent the day with my family and my mom and sister encouraged us to change his formula to see if it would help...well so far so good! Mommy and Daddy have been getting much more sleep! Needless to say we have been exhausted but things seem to be improving.

Despite the fussiness, we had a great weekend full of family! Saturday we spent the day at my moms and had some yummy food and so much fun! It was so nice having my mom, sisters and brother in law around to help with our poor unhappy little guy. It sure gave carl and I a little break. Thanks yall! We love you! The family fun continued on sunday with dinner at erik, kristen and kate's. We had a yummy dinner and a lot of fun!

Not too much more to report...just hoping things keep getting better! Here are some pictures from the past week....enjoy!!

trying so hard to hold my bottle!

love to relax in my diaper!

playing with coach

uncle buck with all the boys

aunt mo, tripp and jake


tripper and daddy

so smiley!!


love bath time!

keeping himself entertained while waiting for the doc
We hope everyone has a great week! Will update again soon!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
how it all began...