Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teething and tantrums

I had to start with this hilarious cartoon that is soooo my life! Haha!!

It has been a crazy week in the schinde house! Tucker is teething so he has been super fussy and not sleeping great! He is normally extremely laid back and an excellent sleeper so this has been a huge difference!! Carl has been amazing helping out a lot when he is home so I can regain some sanity:) on Tuesday night I even went out to dinner with 2 of my sweet girlfriends, traci and Tiffany. It was such a fun much needed night out!! My sweet hubby was a trooper and when we met to exchange cars and kiddos, although both boys were screaming and fussy, he gave me a kiss and told me to have a good time! I love that man!! In fact, I found an idea on Pinterest and have been doing the "14 days of valentines" for him. Everyday I leave out a little treat with a note attached. I will do a post soon with all the treats! It's just a way to let him know how much I love and appreciate what an amazing hubby and daddy he is!!

Yesterday was a yucky day!! Whenever it looks like that I know to prepare myself for a crazy day! I was right!! Usually a yucky day means we are all couped up in the house all day so that then means there will surely be lots of fussy fits!! It really wasn't that bad, but I had to get creative:) luckily one of my friends and her little girl stopped by so that helped, however Tripp tends to act up a little more when they are here so it was a little chaotic;) tucker had a hard time going down for nap so when he finally did, I had to make sure Tripp wouldn't wake him up! So Tripp and I went into the breezeway outside, watched the rain fall and played with sidewalk chalk. It was so fun and Tripp didn't even try to run out in the rain like he normally does:) so we made the best of a rainy day:) coach even came over a few times which is always a hit with the boys! They love playing with coach!! Coach came back over in the afternoon and was a big help with the boys while I cooked us all some dinner! So blessed to have such an amazing father in law:) today tripper goes to school so that means getting in a good, hard workout while tuck naps then running errands!! Here's to a productive Thursday!!

Rainy day fun!

Love how intense he is when he watches tv!

Being silly!!

How we roll;)

My sweet boys, both wanted to ride!

Super trippey!!

Dinner date with mom and dad

Precious tuck!

Daddy teaching the boys how to use tools;)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all are having a blessed week:)

Love and blessings,

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  1. Your boys are precious! Dinner this week was fun...can't wait to do it again soon!


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It's a yes!
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