Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Shots

Well we went for tripp's two month appointment this morning! I have of course been nervous since we scheduled it knowing what was coming...tripp's first shots! So Carl came with us so he could be the bad guy while I ran/passed out/cried....who knew what I would do! Well I am happy to report that Tripp took it like a champ! He of course cried for a few minutes, but after cuddling with mommy and daddy for a few minutes (and a dose of tylenol) he went right to sleep in his carrier, slept all the way home and even for an hour afterward! But even more than that, I managed to stay in the room...I of course had my eyes closed and had my hands over my ears...but I stayed in the room! Carl was great with him and managed to keep him calm through the whole experience. I am lucky to have such a wonderful, hands-on daddy/husband!

Tripp has been a little fussy since he woke up but after a nice bottle, burp and diaper change he is sleeping soundly once again:) Well here are the much awaited stats for tripp at 2 months:
He is now weighing in at 12 lbs. 4 oz. (almost a 5 lb weight gain from the 1 monther!) He is in the 76th percentile for weight and in the 25th percentile for height (no shocker there since carl and I aren't very tall). So our little monkey is obviously eating pretty well and packing on the LB's. We are so happy to have a clean bill of health for our little guy! He will have to go back next week for an oral vaccination...I can handle that one on my own;) Then next appointment will not be until 4 months unless of course we have to go in before for something else.

I just wanted to post a little update on the 2 monther! Tripp will officially be 2 months old on the 4th so I will post some pictures of our big guy next week! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week...I know we will now that the dreaded first shots are behind us!

Traci & Tripp

Friday, April 23, 2010

A little "trippster" update

Thought I'd start out this post with a few pictures!!

mommy loves her little man!

"hanging" out with daddy!

taking a bath in yaya's sink...look at that round belly:)

Tripp is officially 7 weeks and 4 days old! I can't believe how big my baby is getting. We just love him so much! He is changing everyday and his little personality is really starting to take shape. He will even flash us a smile here and there! Here are a few things tripp is up to these days:

  • Eats 5 ounces at each feeding
  • Eats every 3 hours at night and every 2 hours during the day!
  • whines every so often for about an hour before each feeding time
  • HATES wet diapers!
  • loves to look at carl and me
  • starting to smile and really respond to us
  • just started wearing size 1 diapers!
  • can wear some 3 month oufits
  • loves to sit in his vibrating bouncer chair and watch cousin jake's rainfall aqarium
  • still loves to be really calms him down when fussy
  • loves to go for walks in his stroller
  • loves to sleep snuggled up to daddy
  • is really hot natured and sweats ALOT!
  • loves his mommy!! (no i'm not bias...he really does;))

Tripp and I have been really busy lately! We have been trying to get out a few times a week to run errands, meet friends for lunch or just go for drives. Tripp loves being in the car and so far has been really good when we are out! We had lunch with michelle last week and tripp woke up when we got to the restaurant, needless to say I was really nervous but he was so good! He even fell back asleep in his carrier after looking around for a while. We even took our first tripp to yaya's office last week. Tripp got to see yaya, papa, and some of my uncles too! He did get a little fussy so we had to leave a little earlier than expected. This past weekend was a little rough. Tripp has been having some issues with gas and was really unhappy! Saturday morning I left tripp with daddy while I went to the gym. When I got back Tripp was half naked in his bouncer passed out! you can see the picture below:) Yaya watched tripp on saturday night while carl and I went and had dinner, it was nice to get out! Sunday Carl and I took tripp to run some errands and then went over to lance and michelle's new house so carl could help lance with some "handyman" stuff:) Tripp and I sat on the porch swing outside on their beautiful porch and tripp of course loved it so much that he relxed and fell asleep! Sunday night we went over to coach and grammy's for coac's birthday! Tripp decided to scream most of the time, but we did manage to get a few good pictures and have a good visit with some of carl's family.

This week we have tripp's two month check up where he has to get the dreaded first shots! Carl is of course coming wih us because mommy will have to be in the waiting room until the torture is over and I can run in and comfort my little guy! I'm a whimp I know...but can you blame me?! ;)

Below are some pictures from the past week! Hope you enjoy!

intrigued with coach...hmm, sounds just like daddy!

mommy left daddy at home and this is what I came home to! where are his clothes?! :)

Tripp loves his yaya!

Tripp with papa on his 81st birthday!

When this little guy gets hungry he starts to eat his monkeys!

so tired!

As you can tell our little boy has been eating very well! We can't wait to see how much he weighs now! Thanks for checking in...we will update again soon with all the 2-monther stats and just how tough our little guy is after his shots! ;) Hope everyone has a blessed week!


Traci & Tripp

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baytown Slumber Party!

Tripp 6.5 weeks old...after one of our morning walks

Monday morning Tripp and I headed out to baytown after tripp's morning bath and is his most calm part of the day! Tripp was a little angel and slept the whole way there. We decided to go out and spend the night since blake (uncle buck) was going to be leaving out of town. YaYa was planning on coming and joining us after work. Once we arrived we spent the day with aunt mo, uncle buck and cousin jake while cousin blake was at school. After blake left and yaya arrived we all went out to eat and then came home, bathed all the boys, and sat down to watch some tv and chit chat! We had such a good time getting together. Cousin jake loves tripp! he is so fascinated with him! It is too cute. We left poor carl at home (yea right "poor" carl...he got a really good night sleep without any baby interruptions;)) Mom and Kelly were really helpful with the trippster which was really nice and he enjoyed seeing his ya and aunt mo very much:) It was a really fun night! Below are some pics from our slumber party:)

We love our yaya!


so sweet!

I even loved cousin jake's changing table!

Today has been a little bit of a rough one! Tripp was unusually fussy all day! He didn't even seem to enjoy our morning walk, which he usually loves! Well we made it through and were very excited to see daddy! Although he was fussy I still managed to go and get my hair cut, thanks to my wonderful grandma who watched tripp for me:) Tomorrow we are going to try and visit yaya at work. And later we are going to stop by nana and papa's house to wish my grandpa (papa) a Happy 81st birthday! We will see if tripp will be cooperative or not;) Below are some random pics of our little man...he is getting so big and really filling out! He's just too precious for words!

our little elf

(grammy made this hat for him...we wanted to put it on him and get a pic before he outgrows it)

Tripp with Chief and Great-Grandpa Dempsey

a little tummy time

Thanks for checking in! We'll update again soon...Have a great rest of the week!


Traci & Tripp

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to Daddy's office and 1st playdate!

Tripp in daddy's office chair
We have had quite an eventful week so far! Our week started out with a lunch date with our good friend michelle on monday. On Tuesday, we first had to take a trip to my doctor for my 6 week appointment. The ladies in the office had requested that I bring Tripp in and he of course had to officially meet Dr. Jackson who not only delivered him but me, my sisters and nephews as well! Needless to say we've known him for a long time and love him! The 6 weeker went well and best of all I'm cleared for exercise again, even though I have to start slow:( I posted a picture below of Tripp with Dr. J. Tripp was decked out in his aggie gear since we were off to Daddy's office afterward...well Dr. J is a longhorn so in the picture he covered Tripp's shirt! Too funny:)

Tripp and Dr. J
After our successful trip to my doctor ( I was nervous about bringing tripper with me, but he was the perfect angel!) we were off to visit daddy at his office and have lunch with him and some sweet coworkers. Since Tripp did so well at the doctor I just assumed he would do just as well at the office...boy was I wrong. He decided it would be a good time to give his vocal chords a workout! He screamed and screamed! I was so embarrased, but luckily most of Carl's coworkers have little ones so they didn't mind. Although he wasn't on his best behavior a few of the girls were able to hold him. Carl even propped tripp up in his work chair for a photo (see above)! Carl, Tripp and I went to lunch with Mary and Kathy, two of Carl's coworkers who are so sweet! We had such a good time! Tripp even slept the whole way there and the whole way back! What a success!
On Wednesday Tripp had his first official playdate, well technically it was probably more of a playdate for the mommys but who's keeping track..;) Jessica and Nina came over with their sweet baby boys Judd and Evan...Joshua too! Tripp was happy to share all of his bouncers, swing, gliders changing table etc. with his new friends! Jessica, Nina and I had a great time catching up, eating lunch, sharing baby stories etc.! We are definitely going to be doing that more often. Its so nice having three boys all the same age, what fun times they will have! Tripp is really lucky to have those boys and his cousins Jake, Blake and Kate too. Below are some pictures of our fun wednesday!

Judd on Tripp's activity mat

Tripp taking a little snooze break;)

Evan and Tripp...playdates are so tiring!

Joshua and Evan
Lately little tripp has developed a few interesting routines. In the afternoons especially, after I change his diaper tripp likes to snooze on his changing table! It is just too cute. He will fall right to sleep and usually stay there for like 30 minutes or so. This has been happening so often that I keep my book in his nursery and spend the 30 minutes reading! So funny. Tripp has also enjoyed spending time on his activity mat. He loves to look up at the lights, listen to the music and kick his legs! Below are a few pics. We have also started taking afternoon walks outside. Tripp absolutely loves being outside and enjoys his stroller rides. Mommy enjoys them very much too!

Falling asleep on my changing table!

Fun time!

Today hasn't been as eventful as the past few days! My sweet grandma came over to watch tripp while I ran a few errands. It was nice getting out by myself. Right now Tripp is snoozing in his bouncer seat while I am blogging! He will be waking up soon and be ready to eat before our afternoon walk! Just wanted to give a quick update. Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for checking in, we will update again soon!


Traci & Tripp

Monday, April 12, 2010

6 weeks old

Tripp and daddy (5.5 weeks old)

Wow! Our little man is now almost 6 weeks old! He is changing so much everyday. He is really starting to fill out and his skinny little legs are starting to catch up with his chubby little belly! We are so enjoying every minute with him and thank god daily for our precious little miracle.

Last week was pretty rough since I was so sick! But as the weekend neared I started to feel much better! This weekend was pretty eventful. Friday night Carl baby-sat while I went shoppping with my mom. Carl even gave Tripp his first bath all by himself! It was a success:) Daddy even styled tripper's hair...see the pic below!

Daddy gave me a mohawk!

Carl and I also also took tripp to get his first pictures made this weekend. He did ok but decided to get fussy half way through the shoot! We did manage to get some pretty cute pictures made though! Saturday night my mom watched tripp for us while carl and I went out to dinner all by ourselves! It was nice to get out for a bit, but we did miss our little man:) Sunday Tripp and I gave daddy a little break and went shopping and to lunch with yaya. We rounded out the weekend with dinner at carl's parents where tripp got to spend some time with cousin kate!

tripp and kate

YaYa, carl and I set tripp up for a nice photo outside! Tripp loves being outside as you can tell!

sunnin' in the backyard!

Here are a few more pics of tripp from the past week. Enjoy!

making a fashion statement!

decked out in his aggie gear!

Stop taking my picture mommy!

We hope everyone had a great weekend! We are looking forward to a fun but busy week! Hopefully mommy will get cleared to start working out again! We especially can't wait to start walking outside and enjoying this beautiful weather! Have a blessed week and thanks for checking in!


Traci & Tripp

Friday, April 9, 2010

just a little update...

Tripp enjoying his morning bath!

Well Tripp is officially 5 weeks old! He has been changing so much. His little face continues to get chubbier and oh so cute! Here are some of the things tripp is up to these days:

-he loves dancing with his mommy
-he loves when daddy holds him and loves to look up at daddy
-he especially loves his morning baths
-he eats 4 ounces of formula AFTER breastfeeding!
-he likes to lay on his changing table...and even falls asleep sometimes!
-he loves his vibrating bouncer...only thing that calms him when he is fussy and has gas!
-he loves to be outside!
-he likes to lay in his crib after eating and having a bath and listen to his george strait lullabys
-he enjoys car rides!
-he has quite a little temper (hmm...daddy's boy?!)
-he loves to keep his little legs right up against his body like a little frog!
-he likes to stretch his frog legs out when eating

Those are just a few things that Tripp is lovin' these days. He has been sleeping a little better now-a-days since he has been drinking more formula. Mommy now gets about 3-31/2 hours of sleep at a time! Tripp is also pooping on his own again...(TMI...i know, but this is a huge accomplishment and relief since he was having so much trouble!) Tripp even pooped all over himself and daddy the other night! It was hysterical I though Carl might throw up!

Well we hope everyone is having a great week and has an even better weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather...we definitely will!

Traci & Tripp

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tripp's 1st Easter

Tripp: one month old

Although he slept through most of it, Tripp celebrated his first easter yesterday! This is the third year that Carl and I have hosted easter at our house with our families and a few friends! It was a lot of fun and extra special this year since Tripp was with us and since it just so happened to be tripp's one month birthday! I cannot believe it has already been a month! Time really does fly by! We even took tripp to church for the first time for easter services on friday night. He did really well and slept the whole time...yes our little guy loves to catch some z's! mommy and dadddy were nervous and kept a close eye on him...but everything was just great and we were even able to go out to dinner afterward!
I have of course posted a few pics below!


YaYa and her boys

Uncle Carl and the guys

cousin kate

uncle carl playing baseball with b and j

the back of tripp's outfit:)

me and my boys (carl LOVES taking pics;))
Today has been a pretty eventful day! Tripp has been eating like crazy...which is the norm now. And we went out to lunch with michelle, which was super fun and tripp was an angel and slept the whole time! Tripp has been gaining weight, which is great! His cheeks are getting chubby and his belly is growing so fast that his skinny little legs are having a hard time keeping up! :) He is too precious for words!
Well that is about it for now, just wanted to post a little update and a few pics! Hope everyone had a blessed easter weekend! We will update again soon! thanks for checking in:)
traci and tripp

Friday, April 2, 2010

Adventures in mommyhood...

Tripp: 4 weeks old

This has been quite a busy week for us. Earlier this week I took tripp to the doctor because he has been quite a fussy little guy...i know babies fuss but he was extremely fussy! The doctor thinks it his reflux that may make him fussy and told me to keep giving him his medicine. We also found out that Tripp now weighs 7lbs. 10.5oz.! He has gained like an ounce a day for the past 2 weeks! He's starting to fill out and is so precious!!

I am now beginning to understand what it is to be a mommy. You know you're a mommy when:

-you get super excited when your baby poops after he has been having excited that you sing and cheer

-you're perfectly ok with having a variety of breast milk, formula, pee and poop on your clothes at various times of the day

-you get so busy you forget to eat and go to the bathroom

-you get excited to have a conversation with an adult

-you can make dinner, do laundry and clean up all while soothing a crying baby!

-you have no idea what day or time it is

-you look forward to daddy coming home!

- a trip to walmart is a huge accomplishment!

I have been getting the hang of this mommy thing! It was hard at first but you just learn how to do it! I love my little boy so much! I never understood the love of a mommy until now. It's amazing how fast my days go by. By the time i finish nursing, clean up, put some laundry in it's time to nurse again! although 90% of my day is full of nursing I wouldnt change a thing. It is the greatest way to bond with my little guy!
We had a great week. Tripp and I were spoiled again this week when grammy brought us some lunch and came to visit. Coach (carl's dad) even dropped by to visit! Wednesday night our good friends lance and michelle took us out to Gringo's for dinner! It was yummy and Tripp did such a good job! Thursday night we all went out to dinner for grammy's bday! Tripp did really good again and we had a fun time getting together with carl's family. Tripp and I also had our first trip to walmart by ourselves this week. It was a big step for this new mommy;) it went really well! Tripp is a little long as he's full with a clean diaper!
Each week things are getting easier and I really feel like i'm getting the hang of this mommy thing! Well we hope everyone had a great week and has a blessed easter! I have posted some pics below...enjoy!

All the Schindewolf boys!

our family!

party animal

just hanging out
Traci and Tripp :)

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
how it all began...