Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exciting Friday!

Friday was a really big day for us! Tripp learned a new trick and he slept in his crib for the first time!! First here is tripp's new trick:

On my back...
kicking my legs....

and rolled over on my side!
This was very exctiting for us! I would lay on his left side and he would kick his legs to get some momentum and then would roll right over on his side! I even caught it on video for daddy to see! But luckily carl walked in the door right as tripp was performing his new talent! He was more than happy to show it off for daddy!! Yay Tripp!!
On Thursday afternoon I received a wrapped package in the mail. The card read: "Happy Everyday to the best mother in the world". It was so sweet and unexpected. Inside the box was a video monitor! I had told carl I was really apprehensive about putting tripp in his crib without being able to see and hear him. So we had discussed a video monitor but hadn't made any final decisions. So when I got one in the mail I was so excited...what a sweet hubby I have! So Friday night we tried it out and transferred tripp from his bassinet in our room to his crib in his room. He slept great and had no problems! Mommy on the hand was super worried and watched him on his monitor most of the night! I think I will feel better about it tonight:) What a big boy we have! He is just growing up so fast!
Thursday night Carl was so sweet and watched tripp while I had a girl's night with my mom and sister to see Sex and the City 2! It was so fun and great to get out! Thanks honey!! Tripp of course loved spending the evening with his daddy!!
Today is My little sister's Birthday! We are all going to Benihana's tonight to celebrate! It will be tripp's first trip (out of the womb) to benihana's!! Happy Birthday Aunt Rat!!! We love you!!
We have a super fun and busy weekend ahead! we will definitely update after the weekend! Hope everyone has a fun and blessed holiday weekend!! Below are a few pictures...enjoy!

Tripp watching his morning disney channel

Tripp and tired!

look at that belly!

Thanks for stopping by!


Traci & Tripp:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a little update

So this is what I've gotten to wake up to the past few mornings......

mommy caught me smiling!

Tripp has been such a little angel the past few days! (of course he's always an angel to his mama!) First of all tripp has been going down at 8:30pm and not waking up again until 6:30am!! It is great! I of course still wake up every couple hours to check on him especially when he is moving around but I am getting a lot more sleep than before! He has also started this new thing where when he wakes up he will lay quietly in his bed and just look around, smile and laugh! It is too cute! He used to wake up screaming until someone picked him up but not lately. This morning Carl was still home and able to see our happy little guy waking up.

I forgot to mention last week that we have estimated tripp to weigh about 14 1/2 lbs. Carl weighed himself and then weighed himself with tripp thus the estimation;) Our boy is getting big! We just love him soooo much!!

Today we got to spend some time with nana (my grandma) for her birthday! We brought her lunch, a cake and some flowers. She has been watching tripp for us while I get to go see some clients. We love you nana! Happy Birthday!!

Below are a few pictures from the past few days...enjoy!

coach, tripp, aunt janelle and kate

tripp and kate

"happy birthday uncle lance!"

(monday was lance's 27th birthday and tripp wanted to wish him a happy day!)

mommy loves her little man!

Thanks for checking in...just wanted to give a little update! Have a blessed rest of the week!!


Traci & Tripp

Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 1/2 months and getting so big!

cousins! (jake, blake and tripp)

Can't believe another week has passed. Time really does fly by! Our precious little boy is now 2 1/2 months old and getting bigger by the minute! He is such a joy and it is a privilege to be his mommy! Here are a few things I love about being a mommy:

  • being the only on who can soothe my little guy sometimes
  • when my little guy wraps his little arms around my neck
  • melts my heart to see him smile and laugh
  • love to see carl and tripp together
  • love to watch tripp relax in his bath
  • love the smell of my freshly bathed guy
  • love to see tripp so happy in his swing outside
  • when tripp "talks" to me
  • and most of all...just being with him!

I certainly feel blessed, not only to have a precious and healthy little boy but also to have a wonderful hands-on supportive hubby and daddy for tripp:) Also blessed to have a wonderful extended family. This past weekend kelly and the boys came into town. We had so much fun hanging out with them. On Friday afternoon Kelly and I braved a trip to Sam's with a 1 and 6 year old boy and a 21/2 month old boy! It was quite an adventure. Just a little example of our adventure at one point: blake was climbing on top of piles and jumping through isles, jake was trying to grab on to my basket so he could play with tripp and when tripp wasn't sleeping he was whining! Oh so much fun!! kelly and I enjoyed every minute:) Later we all went over to yaya's (who was out of town and missed the festivities) and got to see our sister tiffany who is in from school for the summer. It was nice spending time with my sisters and boys:) The picture from above is from our weekend together as well as some below...enjoy!

Last week my sister tiffany came over during the week to visit me and tripp. We discovered that she has a super power...putting babies right to sleep! Tripp was really fussy and after about 20 minutes of trying to put him to sleep I asked her to hold him for a sec while I made a bottle. I thought I had gone deaf for a second when it went silent until I turned around and saw tripp sleeping soundly on her chest! It happened again's like instantly calming! I invited her to move in at that moment...who needs college anyways;) Below is a picture of the super hero at work:)

We (by we I mean carl;)) recently out up a swing for tripp outside in our breezeway. Tripp LOVES it! It almost always puts him right to sleep! In fact for the past 2 mornings Carl and I will put him in the swing and sit and enjoy our morning coffee together. It is just too precious! Needless to say Tripp and I will be spending many a days outside in the breezeway! Carl and I even bought a fan today to put out there to help keep our little sweater cool!

Tripp is starting to be more on a schedule now-a-days. He still eats about every 2 hours during the day and now at night he is sleeping much longer! Last night he slept from about 8:30-4:45am! It was great! I of course woke up a few times to check on him but he was sleeping like a little angel. On average he usually sleeps for about 5 hours after his bath and night bottle, then wakes up for a bottle and goes back to sleep for about another 4 hours. Of course this still fluctuates sometimes. All in all things are getting much better!

Well I guess that is enough rambling for now! Below are some of the pictures discussed earlier in this post. Enjoy!! :)

cousin blake and tripp

cousin jake giving tripp hugs and sweet!

precious jake (who could say no to that face!)

almost caught tripp smiling!

aunt mo cutting tripp's nails...I'm not a pro yet;)

aunt rat working her magic;)

still in his pj's and passed out!

later in the day and starting to zonk out!

Thanks for checking in on our crazy life! We will update again soon!! Hope everyone has a blessed week!
Traci & Tripp

Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Fun Weekend

Taking a bubble bath...daddy put bubbles on my head!

This past weekend was a really fun one! We had lots of family time, which is always a blessing and we were able to attend a couple's shower for two of our best friends, Lance and Michelle. My mom (tripp's yaya) baby-sat for us while carl and I got to get out and go to the shower by ourselves. It was my longest time away from the little guy but I survived! Tripp of course had a blast with his yaya and aunt rat. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful mom!! Below are a few pic from the shower. Also below is a picture of the beautiful porch swing carl made for lance and michelle. My hubby is super talented!

Carl, me, michelle and lance

Carl and I before the shower

The beautiful porch swing

Below are some more pictures of our precious little butter bean! Including a picture of Tripp in a swing outside coach & grammy's house. He loved it sooo much he even fell asleep! So I of course ran out the next day and bought one for our backyard! Tripp and I will be spending plenty of time out there swinging! Hope you all enjoy!

Daddy thinks I look like an old man (aka: coach!)

another mohawk!

LOVED the swing outside at coach and grammys! (mommy went out and bought one for my backyard the next day!)

so precious in his jogging stroller

Daddy's all-star!
(really love my baseball...thanks uncle lance and aunt michelle!)
We hope you all have a great week!! Thanks for checking in. We will update again real soon!!
Many Blessings,
Traci & tripp

Friday, May 14, 2010

10 weeks old

So our little boy is now 10 weeks old! I can hardly believe it. Tripp continues to change and grow everyday! He is just so precious and at such a fun stage. I promise Tripp does smile and laugh...he just will not let me catch it on camera! He is just like his daddy!! He does this thing where he will be laughing and talking up a storm and as soon as he sees the camera come out...he immediately puts on his serious face...or what carl likes to call his "poker face"! It makes me laugh so hard and reminds me of my darling hubby;)

I enjoy spending time with my little man everyday. It is a challenge sometimes and sometimes I even wonder if I will make it through the day, but it is such a blessing to be able to spend everyday with my little guy. It's amazing how much better I've gotten at this mom thing. I can change a diaper, make a bottle, do a load of laundry, feed a hungry baby, put him down for a nap, work-out and put dinner in the crock pot all before 10am! I've also become a queen of multi-tasking! It's the hardest job but it's the best job in the world! I feel blessed:)

This weekend is going to be a fun one. Not only do we get plenty of family time but we also get to go to a couples wedding shower for two of our best friends, Lance and Michelle! Little tripp will get to spend the evening with his yaya! It will be nice to get out with just carl and I.

Here are some things little tripp is up to these days:

  • Eats 5-6 ounces at each feeding
  • still eating about every 3 hours
  • slept through the night on wednesday night (9-5!) but hasn't again since
  • laughing and talking so much!
  • laughs the most at daddy
  • wearing 3 month clothes and some 6 month clothes
  • in size 1 diapers
  • stops smiling/laughing at the sight of a camera!
  • LOVES bathtime!
  • likes to lay in his crib and listen to his lullabys
  • likes to go for walks in his jogging stroller
  • likes to watch colorful shows on tv (mickey mouse clubhouse and handy manny)
  • still enjoying tummy time!
  • takes a long nap in the morning after his morning bath
  • does not like pee pee diapers!
  • has quite a little temper;)

Just wanted to give a little update on our little man. Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks! Enjoy!

crib time! (was smiling right before I pulled out the camera!)

thought it was so funny that daddy put a washcloth on his head! (again sight of camera=poker face)

mommy loves her little man!

Gig' em'!

cool like daddy:)

our precious little ducky!
Thanks for checking in...we will update again after the weekend! Have a blessed weekend! :)
Traci & tripp

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Our Family after Tripp's dedication

This weekend was a special weekend for me. It was my very first mother's day! I have officially joined the club:) Sunday was extra special because Tripp was dedicated to our church, Fellowship of the woodlands. This was a really important event for our family. I have been a member of the church since 2000 and Carl has been a member since 2009. We were both "re-baptized" through this church and we were married here as well. So to start Tripp's journey with christ through our church is very special to us! Tripp did very well up on stage and even had his own "fan club" as made evident by pastor kerry. A very special thanks to his fan club: YaYa, Aunt Rat, Aunt Mo, Nana, PaPa, Chief, Ging, Coach & Grammy!

My mother's day was wonderful! Tripp even left me a home-made card with a rose on his changing table! I also got a dozen roses, a card, lunch and a great long nap from carl and tripp. It was a great day! I am so blessed!!

Tripp and mommy at his dedication

Tripp and daddy at his dedication

Friday night we went over to adam and jessica's and had dinner with them and precious joshua and judd. Tripp is starting to catch up with judd! We had a great time hanging out with all of them!

Tripp and Judd

Thursday night Tripp and I traveled out with YaYa to baytown to watch cousin blake's last t-ball game. They won the game and we had so much fun spending time with aunt mo, uncle buck, yaya, and cousins blake and jake! tripp was so worn out from all the fun that he slept from 9:00pm until 5am! It was a great night of sleep for mommy...even though I didn't get to bed until 11pm. Still waiting for a repeat;) Tripp is sleeping much better lately. Not quite through the night yet but we are getting closer! Tripp gets bigger everyday and is becoming more and more alert and active. He is talking (cooing) a whole lot more these days and I am loving it! Tripp still LOVES his dad and can't help but giving him the biggest smiles and laughs! We love it! We feel so blessed and thank God for him everyday.

YaYa with jake and tripp at the game

Those are the latest updates with the little tripper! Thanks for stopping by! As always we hope everyone has a blessed week. We will update again soon!!
Traci & Tripp

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 months old

Tripp 2 months old
Tripp is officially two months old today! What a big boy! We had to go to the doctor this morning so tripp could get one more oral vaccine. He was a little angel! They weighed him and he has almost gained a whole pound since last week! He is now 12 lb 15 oz! They did keep his diaper on this time so give or take an ounce but wow, this boy is a good eater!!
Below are a few pics taken today and in the last couple of days...enjoy!

listening to music and playing with daddy!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!!
Traci & Tripp

Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 weeks old

Wow! Can't believe tripp will be two months old on tuesday! He is just growing up so fast and we just love our little butter bean so much!

We had a great week last week, minus the yucky first shots, and an even better weekend! We love the weekends mostly because carl is home and we get to spend time as a family! Carl will even take the first night feeding which is usually around 12 or 1 am and I get to sleep for a couple extra hours...which by the weekend I need!

Tripp had his first trip to the mall this weekend. Mom and I took him shopping with us at the woodlands mall. He did really well and even decided to take a big nasty poop while we were checking out in a busy store! It didn't bother him at all, he just got all smiley and laughed a lot! Needless to say it was a pleasant experience and it was helpful to have my mom there who was able to help while I tried on some things.

Tripp is now officially in size 3 month clothing. I even packed up all his newborn clothing this sad! Can't believe how big this little guy is getting, he never misses a meal;) He's a little chunker but not compared to how his daddy was. We were comparing stats the other day and Carl weighed 12.4 lbs at his 1 month check-up while tripp weighed 12.4 lbs at his 2 month check-up! So funny! We'll see if tripp catches up to his daddy;)

Here are some fun facts about our little man:

  • still eating 5 ounces, sometimes 6 at each feeding
  • loves to fan out his toes and flex his feet while eating
  • does most of his "dirty work" (aka: poop diapers) while eating!
  • grunts really loud and grasps on to things esp his clothes or fingers while doing his "dirty work"...really funny!
  • likes to listen to music with daddy
  • laughs in his precious
  • pretty serious, like his dad most of the time...mommy is gonna work on this!
  • started kicking objects
  • loves tummy time!
  • loves bath time!
  • "talking" a lot more!

We are enjoying every minute with our precious butter bean! I can't imagine having to be away from him for longer than a couple of hours. I am so thankful to be able to spend everyday with him. Next weekend is Tripp's dedication to the church. We are so excited and so blessed to have such a precious and healthy baby! It will also be my very first mother's day, I can't even imagine my life without my darling baby boy! Motherhood is quite an adventure but there are no words to express exactly what it feels like to be a mommy or how it is possible to love someone so much! I am blessed! Not to mention I have a wonderful husband and tripp has an awesome daddy!

I have posted some recent pictures of our big guy....enjoy!

Enjoying tummy time with daddy

playing with daddy and my baseballs!

sorry daddy mommy has a new number 1 man!

aunt rat came to visit me!

Well just wanted to give a littl update and of course post some pictures of our growing boy! We have a busy week ahead but we will post another update soon! Hope everyone has a blessed week! Time to go feed this hungry boy;) Thanks for stopping by!
Traci & Tripp

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
how it all began...