Sunday, February 28, 2010

38 Weeks and still waiting...

38 weeks...looking a little more "puffy" than usual!

Hard to believe we have arrived at 38 weeks! I can still remember the day we found out. I remember having to take a double look at the pregnancy test before I ran into the other bathroom where carl was getting ready for work to tell him the news. It was one of the best moments of our lives. I can remember making the phone calls to share the news. My mom and Kelly were the first to hear the news and were super excited! I remember calling my dad and other sister who were equally as elated. We had decided to wait and tell the rest of our friends and family after we had offical doctor confirmation, but I was just too excited to keep the news in so we ended up revealing the news really quickly! We will never forget all the reactions we got. Such a wonderful time and it seemed like 9 months was forever away...but now here we are!

Here is an update as to what tripp is up to this week:

The last bits of vernix caseosa (the white goo keeping baby's skin moist) and lanugo (downy hair) are slowly shedding into your amniotic fluid. Baby's head is about the same circumference as his abdomen, and his head could be covered in an inch or so of hair.

Makes us wonder how tripp is developing in comparison to the average baby. Since we already know he is on the heavier side! Wonder if he will have a lot of hair as we suspect or if he will be a baldy?? We just cant wait to see for ourselves!!

This past week has become quite a struggle for mama! It has been harder and harder to walk, especially today! My legs have been so sore and my back has been aching! Carl has been so wonderful in helping me do all the little things that have now become a challenge! And since I need a new book to read (keeps me sane during my long days of sitting) he even went in to walmart for me today and called me to read various titles of books and descriptions so that he could get one for me. I am so lucky to have him!

Our weekend started out a bit rocky with a trip to the ob observation area at the hospital. My face was swelling pretty good on thursday and friday so I called my doc to give him an update. He was out of the office so he urged me to go up to the hospital to get checked and make sure everything was ok. So Carl and I went on up there to get checked out. Everything ended up being ok and we felt alot better afterwards. On saturday while carl was outside digging in his aunt's yard mom and I headed off to the mall to do some walking. I got a few more little things I needed and we proceeded to walk...hoping it would encourage this little boy to come on out;) On the way home my mom took me to the grocery store and helped me get what I needed for the week, she saved carl because grocery shopping isn't exactly his fave thing to do! Saturday night carl and I went and visited adam, jessica, joshua and new baby judd! we had a good time hanging out and of course holding that precious little boy! Today carl and I went to church and then had lunch with our good friends lance and michelle. It has been such a nice weekend. I am of course exhausted now, thus sitting in my comfy recliner and blogging!

Carl has just about finished the toy chest/bookshelf for Tripp's nursery. It looks so cute and we were really excited to get it in his room. He is still working on putting some baseballs and footballs he cut in half on the sides where there is already a wooden baseball bat (you can see if you look close). I have of course posted a pic!

So cute! Great job daddy!!

Well we are hoping to see tripp sometime this week! I go to the doctor first thing tuesday so we will see if there is any change and we will of course update the blog! I am so ready to pop this little big guy out! Sitting around all day can get pretty boring!! but thanks to carl, my mom, dad and sisters they have made it a bit easier for me! We hope you all have a blessed week and hope to have some exciting news soon! Thanks for checking in with us!


Traci & Tripp

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So today I had my weekly doctor's appointment. Dr. Jackson said he didn't think it would be necessary to plan a c-section or an induction, which made me happy and a little relieved. He thinks I could probably do this naturally but will do a c-section if necessary. This morning my face was a little swollen and he was concerned about that, but after taking my blood pressure a few times and checking out my legs and ankles he said I would be fine. He was afraid I might have hypertension, but since I'm not displaying any other symptoms it is unlikely. I have been experiencing cramp like feelings the past few nights and Dr. Jackson told me to keep watch on those and if they get a little stronger I should start to time them and they could develop into full term labor! I think Dr. J thinks I will go into labor soon on my own, he even wants to see me first thing next week...we shall see.

I have noticed the bump dropping these last few days, I thought it was just my imagination until my mom saw me last night and confirmed my thoughts! It's only a matter of time now...we have everything ready to go, including car seat installed in car! All my family are on pins and needles, to the point where when I call, especially at night they answer quickly and sometimes out of breath! Last night my mom answered my call with a "is it time?!" haha so funny! Carl has always been good about answering my calls but he is much better now! It's so great to see how excited carl is...he is going to be such an amazing dad.

So hopefully little tripp will be making his appearance very soon! we really can't wait to meet our son and hold him in our arms! We are truly blessed.

After my doctor's appointment I had lunch with my good friend michelle (who will be marrying our good friend lance in a few short months!!) and then went and had a much needed spa mani/pedi! It felt so great and I now feel completely ready! I think Tripp has just been waiting on me to get ready;) Now it's time for a little nap:)

I have posted some pics of my 37 1/2 week belly. They aren't the greatest since I took them myself in front of the mirror...but the bump is there!

Thanks for checking in. We will update with any changes in the delivery plan and will of course update if I do happen to go into labor. Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far! Until next time...
Traci & Tripp

Sunday, February 21, 2010

37 weeks!!

So we have arrived at our 37th week of pregnancy! And after the news we got last week about our "biggin" we are soooo ready for him to be here! Here is an update as to what tripp is up to this week:

You're full-term (yay!) baby is gaining about 1/2 ounce a day and getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready. He's also brushing up on skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (it's getting strong!).

And according to most of the literature out there on babies at 37 weeks, they are about 6 1/2 lbs at this stage, well as most of you know our little guy is weighing in at about 8 lbs. 11oz! I still cannot believe it. Carl and I are hoping that he will decide to come out on his own this week or next! We go to the doctor again on wednesday to discuss our options of possibly inducing next week or maybe even having to schedule a c-section if he is in fact too comfy in there to come on out soon! We will most definitely post an update after wednesday.

This weekend was a good one! Friday night Carl's sweet boss, wife and work collegues threw us a baby shower. They even had mexican food and some of the best petit fors ever!! We received so many great gifts and had such a great time! I wish I had taken some pics of everyone but I didn't :( Needless to say they are all such great people and it was so thoughtful of them to do that for us! Saturday while Carl was busy working in the garage, mom and I went grocery shopping and had lunch which included some fried pickles!! That night my mom baby-sat my nephews, so carl and I went over and had dinner at moms and got to visit with my precious little guys! Today was a rough one for me. I woke up feeling pretty light-headed and sluggish so I spent pretty much all day laying in bed and the recliner. I think the weight of this little guy is starting to take it's toll. Carl meanwhile has been hard at work on a toy chest/bookcase for tripp. It is looking so great and I will post pics as soon as he finishes painting. Carl is so talented!! I'm looking forward to a night of good tv and snuggling up on the couch with my hubby!

This week will probably consist of alot of sitting combined with cleaning (aka: nesting). I will also be getting a much needed mani/pedi to help me be fully prepared for anything! We also have our hospital tour this week, just in time! So hopefully, we will soon be blogging about tripp's arrival into the world. We will of course keep our blog updated with the latest news!

Thanks for checking in with us and so sorry we had no fun pictures this week! We will update again this soon. Hope everyone has a blessed week!

Traci & Tripp

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update: Our BIG little baby

Tripp Ryder at 36 weeks (this is a profile picture!)

Today Carl and I had our last ultrasound! We found out some interesting information. After Dr. J took measurements of Tripp, he told us that at this point Tripp is measuring at about 8 lbs 11oz! Already at full term size but not quite ready to come out yet! If he goes to term we are looking at close to a 1o lb little guy! Hopefully little tripp will be ready to come out before then. There's a chance we may have to do a c-section or talk about inducing in 2 weeks, but we will let y'all know when we figure it all out. My mom was able to make it to the ultrasound as well, she is so excited to meet tripp and was just as shocked as we were to hear how big he is! The most important thing is that Tripp looks really good and healthy!

Last night I was feeling so sluggish and Carl was going to be home late, so mom came to the rescue! She picked me up and I went over to her house and soaked in her nice big tub! She even brought me some dinner while I was soaking in the tub. It was heavenly! Carl came by to get me on his way home and by that time I was so relaxed and ready for bed. It's no wonder I've been feeling so much pain and so tired...carrying our little biggin' around! We still can't wait to meet him! Can't believe it's almost time!!

I have posted some pictures of the nursery which is just about complete now, minus the toy chest carl is working on for tripp. I have also posted a pic of my 36 week belly since I forgot to earlier this week! Enjoy the pics and enjoy your weekend! I am looking forward to relaxing!!

The belly at 36 weeks (i don't have a tattoo on my arm, thats a sticker on the mirror)

The little pillow nest I sleep in!

We also had the oppurtunity to meet baby Judd, who was born yesterday! His little playmate will hopefully be along soon:) Congrats Adam & Jessica!! Holding that sweet little boy only made me more anxious to hold our little boy!! Can't wait!

We just wanted to give an update on Tripp. We will be updating again sometime this weekend. Thanks for checking in with us! Have a blessed weekend!!


traci & tripp :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

36 weeks and a Happy Valentine's Weekend!

Today is exactly one month to our due date! Hard to believe Tripp will be here in 4 weeks or less....hopefully less, mostly because we want to meet him! I never thought i'd be blogging about being 36 weeks along! This little guy is going to be here before we know it! I just can't wait to hold him in my arms!! As usual here is a little info on what baby tripp is up to this week in his development:

With one month to go, your baby weighs about six pounds and is fattening. His full length from crown to feet is about 20 1/2 inches. Has your baby's movement slowed down? If so, you shouldn't worry. Five to ten percent of all mothers report that babies start to slow down as they grow larger and get more cramped for space. Still, you should be able to feel your baby move more than ten times a day. If you're concerned, try drinking a sweet beverage, such as orange juice, and then lying on your side for a while. Most babies will wake up and start to move.

Tripp's movement has definitely slowed down but hasn't stopped much! We think he is so cramped in there that he likes to stretch out. He stretches so far out sometimes that he hurts me! I love it though! Carl likes to poke at hime which makes him move like crazy! Today my mom was talking to him and he was doing all kinds of crazy movements for her, I guess he can tell she is ready to spoil him rotten;) I have been nesting like crazy! Nothing seems to be clean enough or organized enough. I go into Tripp's room everyday and straigthen it up...straighten up what...I have no idea! Like I mentioned earlier this week I had a minor stress out session about not having EVERYTHING ready! Thanks to my wonderful mom, I now feel much better. She took me shopping Friday night to get all the rest of the gear I needed to put my mind at ease! She even bought me another cute pair of nursing PJ's so I can still be fashionable in the hospital;) I now have my hospital bag packed as well...minus one important item...Tripp's "coming home outfit" which is being washed as I type! Carl and I went shopping to find the perfect oufit! Carl thinks I'm crazy but he has to have the right outfit! However, my mom and sister Kelly found Tripp's outfit. It is perfect! They also bought him some booties (which cousin blake picked out for him) and another baseball cap...he has quite a selection already, just like his dad! Speaking of, I have posted some pics of the outfit carl came home in along with some other rather interesting outfits that he wore as a baby! The red one I like to refer to as "the pinocchio outfit". HAHA!

The outfit on the right was the outfit carl came home in! And check out the other two...can't you just see Carl in those! :)

As I near the end of my pregnancy I have been thinking about some of the things I could not have lived without during this time:

1. My snoogle! (body pillow made for preggos...a lifesaver!)

2. My belly belt...esp. later in pregnancy to help hold up this heavy little boy!

3. My wonderful hubby...he has been so great throughout this whole process...I am blessed!

4. My preggo workout dvd....for the days I didn't feel like hitting the gym:)

5. Cheese, spinach, cake, pineapple, mexican food, fried pickles and sweet tea!

6. My awesome mom!

7. The support of my wonderful family and friends, especially advice from my big sis. kelly

8. Sweat pants and tank tops!

9. Heating pad

10. Bubble baths

Jake trying out Tripp's jogging stroller...he loved it!

This weekend was great! Carl and I were able to spend lots of time together, which is really nice considering we are about to have less time for just the two of us. I even got to attend a baby shower brunch for Jessica who is having baby judd this wednesday! We can't wait to meet him! Our Valentine's Day was really nice too. Carl and I went to church together and then we met my mom, sister and nephews for a nice V-day lunch at Pappasitos! So I got to spend the day with all my favorite boys! It was a really nice and relaxing weekend. Last night I slept the best I have slept in a long while! Carl and I went and spent the night at my moms and slept in her sleep number bed. So I was able to comfortably sleep at an incline with my legs at just the right spot all while carl got to choose how he wanted to sleep on his side. It was heavenly:) Thanks Mom!! We might be doing that a few more times before little tripp arrives so mommy can get some sleep!

I posted a pic from my outing with my mom, sister and little love bugs, blake and jake. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a shot with one of my little bugs!

Jake, Tripp and I

I guess I've rambled on enough for sure and check back later this week! We go for our last ultrasound on thursday and we can't wait to see our little boy and see just how big he has gotten!! Hopefully he will be more cooperative when he gets his picture taken this time so we have something to show! We hope everyone had a happy V-day and has a great week!!


Traci & Tripp

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So the nesting phase has really swung into full force today! I woke up with an incredible surge of energy and got right to and organizing. It has been such a rainy and cold day but I haven't really noticed because I have yet to step a foot out of the door! I did manage to get out of my pj's:) In doing all of this organizing I started to realize all of the little things we still need to get. And being the "nesting phase preggo" that I am I began to panic and get stressed almost to the point where I was ready to run out to the store! Luckily, I have a wonderful mom who I called right away with all my worries (carl doesn't quite understand the preggo hormones;)). She assured me that it would all be ok and that she would pick me up this afternoon and take me to the store to get everything I need. Once she calmed me down, I rationalized the situation and decided tomorrow would be a good day for us to go shopping and get all of the "little things" we need. It's so hard to describe the urgency I feel to have EVERYTHING ready! I know all you mamas and fellow preggos out there know what I'm talking about.

On a lighter note, I had a prenatal massage done yesterday. All I can say is WOW! I would definitely recommend this to all my fellow preggos! To say it was relaxing would be an understatement. I am actually thinking of getting another one, it was that great! I also had a doc appointment yesterday. Everything looks great and Dr. J has encouraged me to stay off of my feet and relax, he even said I should probably stop going to the gym....don't know if I can do that, but I guess I should try! We are having an ultrasound next week so we will really get to see just how big and ready our little guy is! We can't wait!

So lately, my cravings have come back with a vengeance! chesse has been a constant pleaser, but more recently sweets have been my thing! I've never been a big dessert person but now, I would be happy skipping the meal and having dessert! Pineapple has also been bumped up on my list...I just love it as well! Oh and how could I forget spinach! You'd think with all the spinach I've been eating I would turn green! Poor Carl has to eat spinach with every meal! So I guess what I'm saying is that if you were to offer me a piece of cake with pinapple, cheese and spinach on top, I would be one happy preggo!

Well I guess I have rambled on enough! Just wanted to post a little update. I hope everyone is staying warm and has a very happy valentine's day weekend! We'll update again real soon...

traci & tripp :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 35

Tripp and me: Week 35

Hello all! We are officially 35 weeks preggers! Can't believe tripp will be here in 5 weeks or less! We can still remember the day we found seems like just yesterday! First, here is what our precious little guy is up to this week in his development:

Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds. From now on, baby's growth is mostly in the plumping up department -- though he won't get much longer, he'll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth. (He's about 15 percent right now and will be about 30 percent by full-term.) His hearing is totally developed (tip: baby responds best to higher pitches), and if he really is a "he," his testes have probably completed their descent.

So sounds like tripp is busy plumping up...maybe that's why I have been extra hungry lately;) I can for sure feel him moving all the time! He is quite the little wiggle worm. He also continues to have monstrous hiccups! I think they have even started to bother him because when they start up he gets to kicking! No matter what I love to feel him move. I have continued to feel very tired. I have been trying to rest up as much as I can, although it is hard at times because I feel so useless!! I am looking forward to this week because I will getting my much needed prego massage! I can't wait to feel a little relief on my aching back:) It will also give carl a little break from having to rub my back all the time.

Carl and I had a nice weekend together. We even managed to have a date night on saturday. We went out to eat and to see Dear John. I read the book, which of course was much better, and was dying to see the movie. It was a really nice night. We are enjoying our time together as two before we become three! Saturday I also went to a baby shower for Nina, a friend of ours. She is having a boy who is due the day after tripp! We had a good time! Today Carl and I topped off our weekend with a nice church service and lunch together at Mcallister's. We even had a quick visit to see Carl's brother Erik, Kristen & Kate. This afternoon Carl continued to work on more goodies for tripp's room while mom and I went grocery shopping. Mom even came over and made us some yummy ciabatta sandwiches for dinner. It has been a great weekend!! And since I am blogging during the superbowl, it's pretty obvious that I'm not watching it;) I do glance up for the occassional commercial;)

Well another week ahead, tomorrow we have our 2nd of third birth prep classes and Wednesday I go to the doc and get my preggo massage! Not to mention a few lunch dates with some fun friends and lots of resting!! We are ready to meet our little man! We hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for catching up with us and we will probably update again this week! Many blessings to all!!

Traci & Tripp

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little update

So we have had an eventful week so far. Carl and I attended our first lamaze/birthing prep class this past monday. Some of the info was common sense but some of the info was good for us "first timers" to hear! My fave part of the class was when we sat on the exercise ball, she dimmed the lights, sprayed some lavender and we practiced relaxation/breathing techniques all while being massaged by my hubby! It was so wonderful and I told Carl that we definitely need to practice that again and frequently;) We have two more classes to attend which will include our hospital tour and some more relaxation techniques...definitely worth it ;) While Carl didn't quite share in my enthusiasm he was a good sport and will be a good "coach" during delivery!

The last few days have been rough for me. I have found myself becoming soooo exhausted and having to sit and rest more, which is really hard for me! I even had to skip the gym yesterday because I was just feeling so sluggish. I have been getting plenty of rest though, which is just what my doctor has ordered me to do, in fact his exact words were "you should be sitting on the couch with your feet up eating bon bons". I am trying! Today is my last day to see my clients for a while. It is bittersweet. I love what I do, but am ready to relax for a while and prepare for our little man! Today Tripp and I slept in until 9 am!! This is really late for us, I'm usually up by 7. Granted we were awake half the night, so I guess its ok that we slept that late. Tripp had been so very active! His movements are bigger and stronger and sometimes hurt! But i still love it. Today he was going crazy so I put on our george strait lullaby music while working on my computer and within minutes his movements started to slow down until finally he was at rest. I think it put him to sleep!! I'm thinking we might be trying that at night, since that seems to be the time that Tripp likes to play! Tripp also continues to have the most monstrous hiccups! My whole tummy actually moves each time, it's pretty funny.

It seems like our house is becoming overtaken by "baby stuff", but we love it and can't wait to use it all. My newest obsession is Tripp's jogging stroller that we just got last week. I can't wait to try it out! We even found that our carrier fits in it as well! I am a dork and have of course posted some pictures and a few of his nursery, like i said before we still have a few things to do but i couldn't resist posting a little pic!

The "jogger" with the carrier!

My new obsession:)

This little boy is stocked with clothing, these are just the outfits hanging up his drawers are quite full as well! (and yes, I do have them organized by size)

Tripp's nursery
These next couple of weeks should be fun, full of baby showers for judd and evan and a preggo massage which I can't wait for! Not to mention a growing baby tripp who will be here before we know it! Now it's time to head out to my office. We just wanted to give a little update. Hope everyone is having a blessed week! More updates coming soon...
traci & tripp

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
how it all began...