Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello all! It has been a very long time since I have updated. Things have been going great and they always say "no news is good news" so we have finally got some answers to at least part of Tucker's condition. About a month ago tucker started to break out in a mysterious rash. It kept spreading and even blistered up and started to ooze. We visited our pediatrician and were in contact with our immunologist and gastroenterologist the whole time as well. We decided it was time for a dermatologist. Luckily my wonderful aunt happens to be a dermatologist so we went in to see her right away. After taking a look she told us it looked to be non contagious condition upon which he would break out in a rash after a virus (he had strep a week before that). It made sense and she gave us an oral steroid, antibiotic and steroid cream to use. We also switched to all unscented everything in our house. It helped to ease the itch and uncomfortable aspects but it was not going away. At that point she decided it was time for a biopsy. We took him in and I had to wait outside the room, I knew it was too much for me. I also knew he was in great hands and daddy was in there too. I got the results this week. Turns out he has an autoimmune disorder in which attacks his GI tract and skin. She said there were two course of treatment. One was a powerful medication that he would have to be blood tested for first and is something that would be hard on him at first. The second would be to switch tucker to all gluten free and see if that would heal this all. She said that would be her recommendation first if we were willing to change our whole family. We have of course decided to make that lifestyle change for our little boy. He has been through so much and if that's all we need to do we will do it! I cleaned out my entire pantry yesterday and did some gluten free shopping. It's amazing how many products are already gluten free! It's definitely going to be an adjustment especially for tucker but we are faithful that this will help! The biggest obstacle is going to be no more chick fil a fried nuggets and donuts, which are two of tucks faves:( but we will def find some alternatives, like grilled nuggets and French fries at chick fil a (yes, the fries are gluten free!!) with that being said, our dermatologist is going to talk with out immunologist and gastroenterologist about their thoughts. Our GI was doubtful this would explain all, but we will see. We go in to see our immunologist may 21st, when she gets back in town and hopefully she will have some insight as well. We are hopeful this condition will explain all and we can finally move on! Autoimmune runs rampant in our family and I kind of figured it would end up being one. 

As for tucker he is doing great and thriving!! He is so smart and friendly and cracks us up on a daily basis. I pray that one day this will all be behind us once and for all! It's a constant uphill battle but God has been so faithful to us and for that we have to be thankful!! 

Please continue to pray for our tucker and pray that this skin condition will go away soon! Pray that this transition to gluten free will not be so hard on him.

Thank you all for all your continued love and support! We are blessed by great family and friends!! Love you all!!

Love and blessings,

It's a yes!

It's a yes!
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