Tuesday, June 4, 2013


With all the craziness that has been going on in our lives, I realized that I haven't done much of an update on our big boy tripp. He has gotten so big lately and has been such a trooper being passed around from grandparent to grandparent to aunt to great aunt, etc, while we have been busy with tuck. I'm glad things are settling a bit and I am able to spend time with both of my boys. The biggest accomplishment for tripp lately is that he officially potty trained! We started potty training around the time he turned 3 but that was also the time all the "stuff" happened with tucker so it kind of got put on hold. He was still going pee pee in the potty every once in a while, but not consistently. Well about a month ago, tripp would tell me when he needed to pee pee about every time. So I decided at that point to start using pull ups. He was doing so good that I put him in underwear and he didnt have any accidents. He just wouldn't poop in the potty. However in the last couple weeks, he has been pooping in the potty and wearing underwear exclusively! He just wears his pull up when he sleeps for now. He is so big and pretty much decided to start using the potty on his own. I've always heard that you have to wait until they are ready and it is much easier, well it is very true!!
Tripp has been growing like a weed and getting so tall! So we had to retire his race car bed for now. He now has a full size bed in his room on the floor. He wasn't sleeping well in his little toddler bed anymore. Now that he has his "new big bed" (as he calls it), he sleeps much better! We also went to target yesterday to pick out some new car sheets for his big bed! He was so excited to get his sheets and held them all the way home!
Here are a few more facts about tripp lately:
He has been in speech once a week and is doing much better!
Loves to sing and especailly loves the song "wagon wheel" by: Darius Rucker. We probably listen to the song about 50 times a day! Tuck loves it too:)
Really likes to watch movies, especially chicken little, cars, toy story, wreck it ralph
Is really into trains and cars and everything boy!!
Loves to get dirty and play in puddles, mud and dirt!
knows how to unlock all the locks on the doors, so I have to watch him very carefully!
likes to use my phrases on me, ex: "Do You hear me?!" haha
loves to count and knows all his colors and shapes
would live outside if I let him
loves to play in coach's truck and will even go inside coach's house, get his keys and comes out and unlocks his truck!
rides his glider bike like a champ! He goes so fast and puts his legs up! We will probably be switching to a big boy bike in no time! He has really good balance and always been ahead of the curve physically.
such a sweet and loving little boy, loves to cuddle and give lots of hugs!!
I'm so proud of my big boy and have been looking at him lately and cannot believe how much he is growing and changing everyday. He is officially a boy and not mommy's baby anymore:(
Now a funny story before a picture overload;) Yesterday was tripp's best friend Graham's 3rd birthday. So bren called and asked for us to meet them at bouncing bears. So we went. It was ok at first but my brave big boy would take off every time I turned around!! One time it took me about 15 minutes to find him, which felt like an eternity!! Poor Bren probably thought I was crazy panicking like that, but I know how smart and brave tripp is and there is no telling what he would do! We stayed for about an hour and half and when it was time to go tuck was tired and whiny and started screaming at the top of his lungs! So once I told tripp it was time to go he jumped into a bounce house and took off!  I had to climb in after him and drag him out, literally kicking and screaming!! Tripp did not want to leave and let me and the rest of the place know it! He was screaming, tuck was screaming and I was sweating! lol. You've heard of people making an entrance, well we made an exit! haha. It's funny because Tripp has been so much better behavior wise and will usually leave any play place as soon as I tell him it's time to go. Well not yesterday! Oh the joys of motherhood!!
Ok here is a bit of a picture overload!
 eating ice cream cones!

Tripp giving graham a pump at his birthday party!
tuck riding rody!

 my sweet boy!
riding their trucks in the pasture
 tripp is a helpful big bro!
 grammy's new arrangement:)
puddle jumping!

Tripp was so excited about his new sheets and wanted brother to try them out too!
 my loves:)
 bouncin' bear fun!
 sweet tuck
LOVE them <3 p="">
Thanks for stopping by! Will be updating again on tucker's status soon:) Hope all have a great week and a great start to summer!!
Love and Blessings,

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