Thursday, June 27, 2013

Button boy

Yesterday we went to get Tucker's G-button put in. I was told that pulling the existing tube out would be pretty painful. So of course I was preparing for the worst! Let me back up, the night before tucker woke up several times running a moderately high fever 103.5. We would give him Tylenol then it would go down and he would sleep, then he would wake up with one again. This went on all night. He had no other symptoms. So yesterday morning when he woke up, he was running a slight fever and acting tired. We decided not to go to our OT Appt and I tried to get in with the pediatrician instead. We couldn't get an appointment for the morning so I talked to the nurse and the surgeon's nurse and got the ok to go ahead and bring him in for his button appointment. I tried to put him down for nap several times but he only slept a few minutes here and there. I also figured he would sleep in the car on the way, but no dice. So here we go to this dreaded appointment with a tired, cranky little boy who doesn't feel good. All I could do was say a prayer and hope for the best. Carl met us there and of course seeing his daddy perked him up a bit (even though he wouldn't leave my arms!).

To make a longer story short, our surgeon came in talked with us (we really like him!) and told us he had to gather supplies. When he came back in I told them it was my cue to leave (Carl stayed in, I couldn't take another appointment watching my baby scream). So I went to the ladies room and before I finished washing my hands they were already through and waiting for me. It literally took less than 3 minutes!! Tuck was crying when I came back in the room but soon stopped when he was safely back in my arms:) it was not bad at all!! Carl said the other tube slid right out. I was so relieved! And tuck fell asleep before I even pulled out of my parking spot! Poor guy.

The positives in all this are: no more tubes hanging around, he can take a bath! And he can go swimming!!! So last night I have him his first 'real' bath in over a month and he loved it!! It made me tear up a bit:) I cannot wait to take him to the pool!

Our journey is far from over but we make steps everyday. Today we go back to our hematologist and tomorrow we go back to our gastro doctor. In 2 weeks we go back to immunology. Please pray that God will give me the right questions to ask and pray that the doctors have a plan. I will update again after the two appointments with any new info. Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers!!! Wish I could hug each one of you personally!!! And a special thanks to my mom, coach, aunt janelle, Tiffany and kelly for tag teaming Tripp while we have been busy and for accompanying me to appointments when Carl can't be there:)

Here are a few pics of our champ!

Before the appointment

After the appointment, poor guy was wiped!

First 'real' bath!!! So sweet!

Had to share! Tripp Is like a little fish these days!

Love target popcorn!!

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Love and blessings,

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