Monday, June 10, 2013

Cous cous, green beans and oatmeal

Weird title for a blog post, I know! However, those are some of the foods we can add to Tucker's list! That's right, last night our little monkey chewed AND swallowed cous cous, green beans, Mac'n'cheese and he has "graduated" to full size m&ms! This is a big deal in our house! This morning the excitement continued, I made him some Gerber oatmeal with apple and peach flavor and mixed it with milk, he ate it up!! I didn't expect this because he has a weird issue with textures but he ate it! I was so excited! Again, this doesn't seem like a big accomplishment for an 18 month old, but for our guy this is HUGE! That gets us steps closer to getting this feeding tube removed:) Thank you Jesus! However, now he refuses to drink his milk. Before he loved drinking out of his cup. Now he acts like he wants it, but then when he tries to drink its like he doesn't like it. We tried different cups and everything! Ugh, so frustrating!! One step forward and two steps back, story of my life right now:/ however, I refuse to be negative and am trying hard to stay positive!! I couldn't do it without God!

As far as any more news on tuck, we really don't have much. Now we are just waiting on more appointments with our specialists. I talked with the immunologist last week and because the last round of tests they did all came back normal, they are further baffled and trying to determine the next round of tests. So now we wait. It is super frustrating not knowing what is going on, but I have to believe God is in charge and is healing my baby. We have seen so many positive changes in this little guy and its only getting better! Again, praise Jesus!!

This past weekend was laid back and low key. We need these kind of weekends:) we spent a lot of time as a family, went swimming and of course spent most of our time outdoors. Despite all that has been going on, I feel really blessed to have my two sweet boys and my terrific husband. Not to mention our amazing family and friends! I can't say it enough:) I do have times when I feel like I can't take anymore, but somehow I find the strength and the patience. I refuse to back down;) I couldn't do it without my amazing, loving and very patient husband, God knew what he was doing when he put us together;)

Ok enough rambling here are a few pictures from my phone, I have some from my camera but will put those on when I get around to loading them;)

Play date at evan's house. This was tripp's first time on a big trampoline and he loved it!

Tucker LOVED baby Alyssa! He kept trying to get to her:)

This pic is blurry, but Tripp loves playing with blue (aunt janelle's dog) they are two peas in a pod!

Feeding the turtles and the ducks! We love it:)

Thanks for stopping by:)

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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