Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One of those days:/

Today has definitely been "one of those days". Tuck has been so whiny and super fussy and refusing his nap! Tripp decided to take advantage of me being busy with tuck and had 2 accidents in his underwear! He normally goes to the potty by himself and calls me if he needs help wiping or putting his underwear back on, well not today! Of course it would be today! Luckily though Tripp went right down and took a great nap. So much for this mommy's workout today! Good thing I will be heading to the gym this evening for some weights and spin class, the gym is my therapy and boy do I need it today!

Not to mention, that I've been feeling sorry for myself lately and all that tuck has been through and going through. It's so frustrating. Then I catch myself, say a prayer and thank god for my blessings! I need to remember who is in charge and as much as I'd like it to be, it's not me;)
Like I said, it has just been one of those days! But above all I have the two greatest blessings in my life:)

Ok I feel better now;) hope all are having a better day than me:)

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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