Monday, June 24, 2013

Gearing up

This week is going to be a crazy one. Between the boys we have 4 appointments this week, one everyday except for today. Tucker has appointments with two of our specialists and also has to get his g-button put in. This means they will take out the long tube, which will be nice, and replace it with a button port. It is done in the office by the surgeon, however the nurse told me when they pull the tube out it is pretty painful. I am dreading that appointment:( Carl is going with me and I think I may have to excuse myself from the room for that one. I can take a lot, but seeing my baby in pain over and over is my limit. The positive in all of that is that tucker will be able to be submerged in water, which means no more sponge baths (which he hates) and now he can get in the pool ( which he always wants to do!). It also means no more having to be super careful not to pull out tube, etc. so when I start to get nervous about the appointment I try and think about all the good things!

We also go back to the hematologist and gastro doc as well. I have a slew of questions prepared as usual. I'm just tired of being in limbo. Tucker is doing well but we still don't have any answers. He has been doing better with eating and has been chewing and swallowing more, praise God! In fact for the past two days he has had 2 small bowls of oatmeal (Gerber oatmeal that is smooth)! This is huge for us!! He has also been doing well in therapy and is building his muscles and getting closer to walking everyday. I had a dream last night that he took his first steps, so maybe soon?? Although he isn't walking, he sure does love to climb! I have to watch this one, before I know it he's sitting on top of the ottoman!! All in all, he is doing better I just want to know 'the answer'.

We had a fun weekend. We spent lots of time together, ate out and I was able to attend a gender reveal party for some great friends. They found out they are having a boy and I couldn't be more thrilled for them!! Congratulations again Tiffany and mike!! Anyways, we spent a lot of time as a family and just laid low. We knew we would need rest before the week ahead. My sweet mom even came over Sunday so Carl and I could have a lunch date alone. We had a great lunch and stopped for Carl to get a haircut and for me to get an eyebrow wax. Oh how things have changed! It was a great day:)

So today will be a day of rest and hanging out. I have to gear up for the week ahead:) hope all had a great weekend! I will update at the end of the week after all our appointments. If you get a chance, say our prayer for our tucker, our doctors and our sanity;) thank you all!

Here are a few pics!

Love this sweet face!

Had a froyo date with Tripp and my nephews:)

Breakfast with my boys:)

Selfie...documenting a rare occasion;) all by myself going to the gender reveal

My handsome boys mowing, like father like son:)

Lunch date with my hubby:)

Thanks for stopping by:) have a blessed week all!

Love and blessings,

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