Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hematologist visit

Today we had our visit with the hematologist. The hematologist is also an oncologist, so of course walking into the cancer center with my baby was terrifying. The reason we were referred was because his blood counts have consistently been off and none of the other docs have been able to explain it. Our hematologist was great! After listening to tuck's long history, checking him out and interpreting blood results he had some news for us. Now, remember because tuck is such a hard stick, we had the anesthesiologist draw labs (while tuck was under anesthesia)
needed for immunology and for hematology even though we hadn't been there yet. It helped because this first appointment was a lot more informative than it otherwise would have been having to wait on labs. Anyways back to the news. Perhaps the best thing I've heard in a long time, coming confidently from the oncologist's mouth, was "it's NOT cancer, it's NOT leukemia and it's NOT a problem with bone marrow. I could have jumped out of my chair and kissed that man on the lips! Although, all the other docs didn't seem to think it was consistent with cancer, they've never actually said the words 'it is not'! So that was a huge relief.

He did have some info for us. He called tuck's condition iron deficiency anemia and anemia of chronic disease. This is not the underlying condition but an effect of the underlying condition. This is the reason why is his platelets are high. So he prescribed us a special kind of iron that will help this part of Tucker's condition. He also explained that treatment of this anemia would take a little while and we just have to be patient and administer the medication at the proper times etc. tucker obviously has some kind of chronic disease, the million dollar question still is, what??? We don't have THE answer yet, but we are getting closer and honestly sometimes knowing what it is NOT is good too:)

It has been a long bumpy road and we still have a road ahead of us, but I am thankful for the info we have. I will continue to praise and thank our God for guiding us through this process. I am exhausted 99%of the time but seeing my little boy improving gives me so much energy!! Good thing because Tripp has triple the energy of tuck and I combined;)

Speaking of Tripp, I have to brag on my father in law for a minute. He has been soooo helpful with Tripp through all of this. Today in fact, he picked up Tripp took him to visit his cousins, took him to the park then brought him home and let him play in the pool. Tripp had such a fun day that he came home and passed out! He is going on a 3 hour nap! We are so blessed to have our coach! Its obvious Tripp and coach are going to have a special bond:) thanks coach!

We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends! Thanks to all of you for your prayers they are working. Please continue to pray for our strength in forging ahead on our road for answers:)

Hope all have a great rest of the day:)

Love and blessings,

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