Monday, July 1, 2013

tuck update and our weekend

We had a super fun weekend, but first an update on tucker after our week full of appointments. Thursday we went to the hematologist. My sister kelly came with me and coach took care of tripp. After waiting for about 30 minutes they took us back and we waited a few minutes for the doctor. The doctor came in, talked with us for  bit and I asked a few questions. At that point he decided he wanted to draw some blood, but knowing what a hard stick tuck is, he said a finger prick would do. He then told us we would have to wait about 30 minutes for the results. So my sister, tuck and I went down to the cafeteria (which is operated by Luby's) and had lunch. It was surprisingly delicious!! Anyways, after lunch we went and got the results. Basically, what this doctor is monitoring is tuck's iron levels. He had prescribed us a special kind of iron last time we were there. Well, his iron hadn't dropped any but hadn't really improved any either. So we will continue with our iron and go back in 4 weeks. Friday we went to the gastro doc. Our regular doc is on maternity leave so we saw her associate until she gets back in august. Coach was a trooper and accompanied me to the appointment. Basically, all we found out was that tuck's weight has plateaued, which means he's not really gaining anymore. So they up'ed his feeds at night and told me to try and switch back to whole milk, which we did and he is drinking it again with no problems, Thank God! He is also eating a lot more and moving a lot more so these are all factors. We also spoke with a behavioral psychologist and the dietician as well. Overall, it was a good appoinment, just not much more information. We have an appoinment with our regular GI the first week of august, so I'm hoping for more of a plan then. We also go see our immunologist next week and I am eager to hear what their next steps are.
Ok, on to our weekend. Some sweet friends of ours gave us some astros tickets for friday night. We had originally decided that it probably would not be a good idea to take tucker. We planned on leaving him with my sister and taking tripp and coach with us. Unfortunately, things didn't work out with tuck, So I ended up having to stay home with tuck and aunt janelle went in my place. Tripp had a blast!! All he would talk about the whole day and day after was watching baseball! Carl sent me pictures throughout the night of the two of them, so I got to be apart of it:) Tuck went down early, so I did get a chance to relax and catch up on DVR, which never happens, so it ended up being a good night. Thanks again Mike and Tiffany!!
On Saturday we took the boys to the pool. It was the first time tuck had been able to get in a pool since last summer! He was unsure at first but had fun:) It was a great morning:) Saturday afternoon, we put both boys down for nap and then I went and had lunch with my friend traci. It was long overdue! Love you trace:) Saturday night we had an impromptu gathering with adam, jessica their kiddos, coach and aunt janelle. A guy that does work for Carl's company gave us a smoked brisket and some ribs. So I made some homeade mac'n'chesse and some cole slaw and we had everybody over for some yummy food! It was another fun night!!
Sunday we spent the day in the backyard. We got some snocones and swam. Carl hooked up the waterhose to the big slide on the playhouse and we put the pool at the bottom. Tripp had a blast and carl and I did too!! sunday night, we used more brisket and made some bbq baked potatoes and had coach over. It was a great weekend:)
Here are some pictures from our weekend, enjoy!
this pic is hilarious!!I'm about to go down the slide and look at what mr. tripp is doing;)

we had fun!!

our little man in action

here goes daddy too:)

mr. white boy is back in the pool!

love my boys!!

tuck and sweet lily

josh, judd and tripp eating dinner:)
my boys before the game

tripp with coach and daddy (tripp was over taking pictures:)) 

at the game

love my boys!

tripp had a blast! Thanks mike and tiffany!
We had a busy week last week, luckily this week it's not so bad! Tripp starts swimming lessons tomorrow! We are looking forward to a relaxed and laid back 4th weekend. Hope everyone has a great one too!! Thanks for stopping by and please keep tucker in your prayers, they are working!!
Love and Blessings,

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