Sunday, July 1, 2012

updates, baby lily, birthdays and more:)

This has been a busy, stressful and super fun weekend all in one! First, an update on tucker: It all started thursday with our trip down to texas children's to see a gastro specialist for tucker. Basically, the doctor does think that tucker has some sort of food allergies. Unfortunately, due to his age there is not a lot they can do to find out what. So we have to use the "trial and error" method. She gave us a list of safer foods to try. She also put him back on acid reflux meds, not because he has reflux, but to help protect his esophogus and such when/if  he does have a reaction to food. she also told us that he will not be able to switch to milk at 1 years of age, like we did with tripp, he will likely be on formula until at least 18 months and then if he cannot tolerate milk we will have to order a special formula for him until he is a little older. She is calling this a milk protein/soy allergy for now. The original plan was to try food and keep journaling and go back in two months to re-evaluate. However, since friday plans have changed a bit. I decided to try the first of the safe foods on friday morning. It was rice cereal mixed with his formula. I even went to HEB and bought an organic rice cereal that did not contain dairy, wheat, or soy. I figured we were safe. I was wrong! About 2 hours after he ate less than half a tablespoon, he was throwing up and dry heaving for hours. He was so leathargic and couldn't keep anything down. He continued until the evening at which time I gave him pedialite and he went to sleep. We tried a bottle of formula the next morning but his tummy wasn't ready and it came back up. It wasn't until about noon the next day that he finally kept a bottle down and started getting back to normal. I ended up calling the gastro specialist to let them know what happened. They now want us to come back in on monday for an abdominal ultrasound. Hopefully we will get some answers soon! Please keep us in your prayers:) I am happy to report that tucker is completely back to normal today and we plan to relax and enjoy the day as a family:)

I also hosted a baby shower for a great friend and "cousin-in-law" Jessica this weekend. We had a "clothes and bows" party since she is having her first little girl!! It was super fun and we had a great time getting together with some family and good friends. We can't wait to meet baby Lily! I'm so glad so many of my close friends are having girls, I will have to borrow and spoil them since I have been blessed with handsome boys;) Our good friend brenden even brought her precious little claire along to hang with the girls...we loved it!!

Saturday evening we traveled to baytown for a surprise birthday party for my sister's 30th birthday. We had a fun time and tripp enjoyed running around like a crazy man with his cousins. Due to all of our events, we unfortunately had to miss another surprise birthday for our friend Jace who also turned the big 3-0!! Happy birthday kel and jace!!

We had a great weekend and are enjoying a lazy day at home with our family:) Below are some pictures:) btw, I am really missing my nikon!! hoping it will be back soon:)

found this on pinterest and crafty aunt peggy put it together!

cute ribbon wreath my sister kelly made for lily

yummy punch!

sweet guest of honor and me

love these girls!

taking a bike ride with mom this morning

loves to jump!

my sweet big boys

sweet boy before his "episode" on friday

caught mr. mischievous in the sink AGAIN!
happy birthday kel! cheers!!

our family minus tripp who was running around:)

blurry but cute

just hanging out with mom
Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a great week. I will post an update after tucker's ultrasound tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,

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