Monday, July 30, 2012

Random ramblings;)

Lately... we haven't been up to much, just hanging out as usual. This past weekend wasn't too eventful, which isn't a bad thing because it meant we got to relax and spend time as a family. However, saturday night we noticed tucker's nose was running a little bit but didnt think too much of it. During the night tucker threw up and then was up just about every hour!! This is VERY unusual for him. The vomiting wasn't consistent with his food allergy problem and we didn't try any new foods that day so I was confused. He only threw up once and then he was perfectly fine. However he was up all night and just seemed so uncomfortable. Sunday morning he woke up and seemed to be ok, but would not nap, which again is very unusual. So I decided to make him an appointment with the after hours doctor at our pediatrician's office. We went in and found out he was running a slight fever. They did a blood test and found out his white cell count was high which meant that he had some type of infection. They also did a urine sample, which came back clean. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and seemed to think we would begin to see results after 24 hours. Tucker slept through the night last night and seems to be so much better this morning! So hopefully this little virus will go away soon!! Tripp has also had a runny nose, but no fever and the doctor didn't seem to think tripp's was a very big deal. We were supposed to have dinner with carl's family last night but due to this nasty little virus we decided to stay away so we wouldn't infect anyone...we were disappointed but we do get to see everybody tonight:)

This weekend I also got to have a date night with my hubby and my 2 sweet little darlings:) I am a lucky girl...3 handsome dates!! Although, our little darlings did not cooperate well! Tripp was quite the little pill! Needless to say our date didn't last long and we had to scarf down our food, but hey this is life and that is the stuff memories are made of:) At one point carl and I just looked at each other and laughed! We were "that" couple with "those" kids:) Oh well!! It was fun:)

Saturday morning Carl had to go into work so the boys and I went to trader joe's. It was my first time to go and I LOVED it!! So many fresh foods and produce and reasonable prices!! I am in love and will be going back many more times!! :)

We are back in the swing of things today, and with everybody on the mend I'm hoping for a good day! Like I said, tucker slept through the night again so that meant I got to get some rest...It's amazing what a full night's rest will do for you! I feel like a new woman:) Hopefully we will be getting back to normal:) I think I'm even going to give my body an extra days rest from working out too. I usually only take one day off a week, but I think I'm going to take 2 after this weekend and before I start my new workout routine tomorrow:) I hate missing a workout but my body is so sore and tired that I think a rest would be good:) Alright enough "random ramblings" and time for some pictures! 

My sweet boy this morning
waiting at the doctor with mommy
so sleepy

hanging out with grammy and coach too (hiding behind flowers)
love daddy!
tripp's turn
riding cars around the kitchen
loves him some chicken!

typical afternoon;)

Well that's about all for now. Hope all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!! Thanks for stopping by:)

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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