Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy "carl" eve!

Before I get started, I would again like to ask you to continue praying for our grammy! We strongly believe in the power of prayer!! Thanks so much to all of you. We love you grammy:)

Ok, so today is "carl" eve, that's right the day before my wonderful hubby turns 29! Last night we celebrated over at his parent's house with subway (carl's fave) and a yummy cookie cake (another of carl's faves). The cake almost didn't make it over...our little tornado got a hold of it. Well he actually lifted the box off the counter, brought it to me and then dropped it on the ground. Luckily it broke into pieces in the box so it was still edible just not so pretty. Carl and I put it back together and laughed the whole time, it was really hard to get mad at something like that:) We had a great time getting together and tripp enjoyed playing outside with cousin kate. Below are a few recent pictures. Be sure and look again tomorrow for carl's birthday post and the next day for tucker's 8 month post...lots going on this week in the schindewolf house! Enjoy the pics!!

family shot:)

daddy and his mini-me

tripp with daddy and coach

so sweet

i snuck in the photo (notice my red eye...allergies!)

too funny! (poor kate tormented by tripp all the time!)
had his first icee, but wasn't too interested

our sweet boy!

mr. chunk!

eating a rice cake, watching you tube and hanging out;)

Thanks for stopping by! Many more updates coming this week...stay tuned!

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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