Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goodness Gracious!!

I thought I would do a little update on our crazy life lately. Goodness Gracious about sums it up! Our little tripper has been wising up and learning to unlock all child locks, climb onto counter tops, into sinks, into grammy and coach's freezer, and just about anywhere else he can get into. I cannot take my eyes off this little mischief maker for a second!! As you will see in the first photo, that is what happened after I went to the bathroom for less than 30 seconds!! I've also had to send my "other baby" (aka: my new nikon) in for repairs:( so I have had to pull out my old's weird using a point and shoot again!! Nonetheless, I guess I will survive;) (haha, I know i'm a loser). This morning I felt like super mom! I watched my nephews, in addition to my 2, for a few hours this morning. I managed to feed them all, take them outside to play in the sand box and swim and bathe them all! Then after they left, I worked out, took a shower, cleaned house, did laundry, put a crock pot meal to cook and put both boys down for a nap around 1pm!! I'm sorry I just had to toot my own horn for a sec!! I don't have those kind of days very often. Tomorrow we take tucker into the pediatric gastro specialist at texas children's. I have been counting down the days, we are praying we get some answers to our sweet tucker's tummy problems! Ok enough with all the random are the pics:

caught red handed!!

cousins playing in the sand box

sweet cousins!!
don't be fooled by this sweet innocent face;)
me and my big boy

insisted on holding his brother in his lap
silly boy:)

me and my little boy:)
Thanks for stopping by and updating yourself on our crazy life;) Hope all are having a great week!! Will update again soon:)

love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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