Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tucker tummy update

Tucker has been trying lots of new foods lately and so far so good. We have tried turkey, chicken, beef, butternut squash, squash, and carrots...they have all been great with no reaction!! We also tried rice cereal, gerber puffs and sweet potatoes which he had a severe reaction to. I have been doing a lot of research these days and I'm beginning to think my sweet baby may be allergic to rice. It is really uncommon, as rice is suppossed to be one of the most sensitive and hypoallergenic foods but it does happen. We do not go back to our specialist until september, but I will definitely have all my research with me when we go back. I have also been keeping a journal of all foods he eats and reactions, etc which also seems to be helpful. We are just praying that he continues to do well so that we can keep introducing more foods. We tried applesauce this morning and so far so good...we are praying he doesn't have a reaction, so stay tuned:) He is continuing to put on weight and is still a healthy little boy despite the allergies. We thank God for that:)

On another note, we continue to ask for your prayers for Susie. Please continue to pray for her strength, health and peace as she continues in her battle with cancer. I know I've said it several times and I'll probably say it a thousand more, but we are STRONG believers in the power of prayer!! Thank you all so much! We love you grammy!!!

Here are a few random pictures from my phone...I did finally get my camera back so be looking out for LOTS more picture posts! I'm sure my family is super excited that the crazy camera lady is back!!

giving little brother a tow

mmmm....loved carrots!!

likes to take off his diaper and was getting mad at me trying to get it back on!

hanging out
trying out the playhouse...it's coming along!!

silly daddy put tucker up there too....he loved it!!
That's about it for now. Will update again soon. Thanks for stopping by. Hope all have a great week:)

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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