Wednesday, August 8, 2012

terrible twos

I believe we are well in the midst of our terrible twos! They definitely call it terrible for a reason!! Tripp has been quite the pill lately! Not only is he fearless and a daily risk taker he is now also throwing some royal fits these days! The fact that he really doesn't talk and reason well does not help this mommy! So I find myself yelling at him after a long day of "ignoring". I know that yelling does NOTHING but I get to a point of frustration and there is nothing left to do. However, after I get on to tripp and raise my voice he will look at me and say "ma, k?" and pat me on my head. He is saying "mom are you okay?" hahaha!!! It is hilarious and brings my mood right back down! If only he knew....he's driving this mama to drinkin' (just joking!). I hope we get out of this funk really soon!! Poor carl comes home to a crazy mama and 2 crazy little boys!! Oh well, I know I am extremely blessed. Even though I complain, I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world, crazy as it may be:) Funny though, the pictures below do not accurately show what our days are really like these days:)

Life hasn't been too interesting lately. With the exception of my entertaining little boys...never a dull moment in this house and if you know tripp you know that's true! Tucker is growing up so much and the boys are starting to interact even more these days, I love it! They especially love to ride in the car cart at heb together. We went today and tripp even put his arm around his brother and hugged him was sooooo sweet and I couldn't find my phone in the diaper bag fast enough to snap a photo! That will definitely be one that's in my heart forever!! One exciting event lately is the birth of sweet lily grace! She is such a precious little blessing and we are so happy for jessica, adam, johua and judd! She arrived yesterday morning and we had the pleasure of meeting her last night. Can't wait to hold that sweet girl again soon. Ok, here are the pictures....mostly taken with my phone so excuse the quality:)

 sweet lily grace in her first bow:)

precious girl

 my sweet boys

 love this boy

 haha...excuse my no makeup, post workout face!

checking out the specials!

 again, excuse the appearance but tucker is hilarious in the background

 poor tuck...probably reacting to brother's tantrum!

hanging out in the toy box

popping bubbles with
cousin kate

there's my sweet boy!!

That's about it for now! Thanks for stopping by. We hope all have a great rest of the week.

Please continue to pray for susan (our grammy). We love her so much!!! If you would like to send her some well wishes check out her caring bridge site and leave her a sweet message!!

Love and Blessings,

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