Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just an update

my precious munchkin

Lately we have been pretty busy. We have been trying to clean up and clean out in preparation for our new bundle of joy this november. We have been pretty laid back about getting things ready this time around until august hit and I thought "wow! we only have 3 more months!"
So we have been trying to get into full gear and get ready! I am even having our carpets cleaned today to give us a nice fresh house! I have been so excited about this day since I scheduled it! It is sad the things we look forward to when we become adults!

We have had a pretty busy week so far which is great! Monday we had a playdate at our house with our good friends. Tripp had so much fun and was so worn out that he fell asleep in my arms before everyone was even out the door...this is very rare for my munchkin so I knew he was tired!Tuesday I had an appointment to see my aunt who is a dermatologist. I had to bring tripp with me so my sister tiffany graciously agreed to come with me to help out. Well it's a good thing she did. My aunt was running behind so we had to wait for like an hour! tripp was running around like a crazy man and my poor sister was a trooper and right behind him the whole time. By the time we went back in she was sweating and panting! Guess it's some good birth control for her;)

Tripp has been as mischevious as ever! Lately he has learned to put on his crocs and will go stand by the door and say "guh, guh" which means go. He really likes to go places, probably because due to the heat we have been staying home ALOT lately. He also knows what bye bye means and if he hears it he will again run to the door and wait to go. So I have to be really careful not to say either of those words or face a meltdown if we do not in fact go. He is still very active and it is hard to go anywhere because his "sit still" limit is very short! last night we decided to go and have some frozen yogurt when carl got home. As soon as we sat down our little boy was off! He was running all around the store laughing and screaming. Needless to say we didn't stay very long. And just this morning, as I turned around to wash a dish in the sink I noticed my little boy had disappeared. I walked all around the house and could not find him anywhere! Just as I was starting to panic I decided to check the back room (that we are working on for Tucker and usually keep the door closed) I opened the door and there was mr. mischeif standing there looking up at me with a mischeivous little grin on his face! So he had quietly snuck away, opened the door and quietly closed it behing him. Then he proceeded to wait there and smile all while listening to me panic and call out his name! What a monkey!! I tell you what this little boy keeps me on my toes! What will I do with two?!

Tucker has been doing well and growing at a rapid rate! My belly is getting very large! He is also extremely active in there...even more so than tripp was. Uh oh I'm in trouble!! nonetheless we can't wait to meet our second little man:)

All in all things are going well. Can't believe tripp will be 18 months in 1 month! time goes by too quickly. Since having children I have learned to enjoy every single second....even the crazy ones;) and I thank God every day! As usual, enough rambling! enjoy some pictures.



"knock, knock!" let me in "co!"

helping daddy out

One more quick funny story before the next picture. this past weekend we took tripp to mcdonalds for lunch and decided to let him play in the play place. there was a nice little toddler area that we put him in, but that only lasted so long. Before we knew it he was in the big kid area trying to climb up into the tubes up above! Well since he is such a fast little climber he was almost to the top within a few seconds....so daddy had to jump in and climb up after him! That only fueled tripp to climb higher and faster since daddy was now chasing him! It was hysterical! I'm sure people were wondering why there was a grown man in the kid place!

pulling tripp out

tripp standing on his new stool daddy made him since he likes to look out the wondow and push his cars around the window sill

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all got a few good laughs at our life with a crazy little boy! will update again soon. Have a blessed week.

Love and blessings,

Traci, tripp and baby tucker

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  1. Yay for the stool - that little toy bench was making me nervous! Of course he'll climb on anything, so doesn't matter too much. Nice job, Carl!


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It's a yes!
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