Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big boy bed: night one

So we made it through night one in the toddler bed! Carl came home last night and converted tripp's crib into a toddler bed. We then were just going to run up to Target to get a safety railing for the open side of the bed, but little did we know Target did not have one, nor did babies r us and 2 walmarts we went to! Finally Carl ended up having to drive out to another babies r us while tripp and I waited at home. Carl got home, put on the railing, safety proofed tripp's room a little more then it was time to lay him down. We also ended up putting a feather bed down beside his bed in case he decided to get crazy in his bed. Mainly because last night after Carl took off the side of his bed he got right on his mattress and started jumping and going crazy..even trying to roll off the side! This made me especially nervous!

So all nerves aside we put him down and laid down ourselves. I kept checking the video monitor and he was soundly sleeping. At about 2am we heard him whining and he was if course out of his bed. We decided to let him whine it out and see what he would do. After about 5 minutes he went back towards his bed and lay down on the feather bed and went back to sleep! He slept until about 6am then he was up. I was so relieved! My little boy is just getting too big for his britches!

I am heading out today for a girls night with some of Carl's sweet aunts, cousins and of course his awesome mom. So Carl and tripp will have lots of male bonding time today....and Carl will get a little peek at what I do everyday!

Sorry about all the ramblings, I just want to document this whole experience...because I just know someday we will look back and laugh, right?! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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It's a yes!
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