Sunday, August 21, 2011

Road Trip

This weekend we traveled to san Antonio for a friend's wedding. The wedding was on Saturday but we decided to go up on Friday and make a weekend of it. We left around tripp's naptime hoping it would help with the drive. We were worried how he would do in the car since he doesn't like to sit still for long. Well he did GREAT! He slept a little off and on, watched cars, mickey mouse, had some snacks and just otherwise looked out the window. We were pleasantly surprised and secretly relieved!

When we arrived in san Antonio we went to bass pro shops and tripp had a blast! He loved looking at all the animals and especially liked looking at the "fishies" in the big aquarium. Later we went and had dinner at alamo cafe (very yummy Mexican food!) With my mom, Keith and my good friend Kelly and her husband Eric who drove in from Dallas and stayed with all of us. It was a yummy dinner and fun getting together. We all went back to Keith's house (thanks again for so graciously hosting us all!) sat around and had some good laughs.

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast then ran some errands. Afterwards we all got ready and headed to the riverwalk for the wedding. Tripp stayed with his yaya and Keith while we went. They took him to bass pro shops again, the mall and fed him his favorite dinner, chikfila! He had a blast...thanks again yaya and Keith! We had a great time at the wedding and reception. It was so much fun seeing and catching up with old friends. We had some great laughs! I will post some pictures from the wedding later, I am blogging from my phone on our drive home so I haven't uploaded pics just yet. I will post a few pictures at the end of this post from my phone just to hold everyone over;)

We got up early as usual this morning when our alarm clock, aka tripp, woke us up, then we went and had some yummy breakfast with yaya and keith before heading out. We are now about an hour from home and our little champ is doing great in the car again! He is currently watching cars, eating "frenchies" and drinking some juice. It has been a great weekend! Enjoy the pictures below.

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It's a yes!
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