Sunday, February 28, 2010

38 Weeks and still waiting...

38 weeks...looking a little more "puffy" than usual!

Hard to believe we have arrived at 38 weeks! I can still remember the day we found out. I remember having to take a double look at the pregnancy test before I ran into the other bathroom where carl was getting ready for work to tell him the news. It was one of the best moments of our lives. I can remember making the phone calls to share the news. My mom and Kelly were the first to hear the news and were super excited! I remember calling my dad and other sister who were equally as elated. We had decided to wait and tell the rest of our friends and family after we had offical doctor confirmation, but I was just too excited to keep the news in so we ended up revealing the news really quickly! We will never forget all the reactions we got. Such a wonderful time and it seemed like 9 months was forever away...but now here we are!

Here is an update as to what tripp is up to this week:

The last bits of vernix caseosa (the white goo keeping baby's skin moist) and lanugo (downy hair) are slowly shedding into your amniotic fluid. Baby's head is about the same circumference as his abdomen, and his head could be covered in an inch or so of hair.

Makes us wonder how tripp is developing in comparison to the average baby. Since we already know he is on the heavier side! Wonder if he will have a lot of hair as we suspect or if he will be a baldy?? We just cant wait to see for ourselves!!

This past week has become quite a struggle for mama! It has been harder and harder to walk, especially today! My legs have been so sore and my back has been aching! Carl has been so wonderful in helping me do all the little things that have now become a challenge! And since I need a new book to read (keeps me sane during my long days of sitting) he even went in to walmart for me today and called me to read various titles of books and descriptions so that he could get one for me. I am so lucky to have him!

Our weekend started out a bit rocky with a trip to the ob observation area at the hospital. My face was swelling pretty good on thursday and friday so I called my doc to give him an update. He was out of the office so he urged me to go up to the hospital to get checked and make sure everything was ok. So Carl and I went on up there to get checked out. Everything ended up being ok and we felt alot better afterwards. On saturday while carl was outside digging in his aunt's yard mom and I headed off to the mall to do some walking. I got a few more little things I needed and we proceeded to walk...hoping it would encourage this little boy to come on out;) On the way home my mom took me to the grocery store and helped me get what I needed for the week, she saved carl because grocery shopping isn't exactly his fave thing to do! Saturday night carl and I went and visited adam, jessica, joshua and new baby judd! we had a good time hanging out and of course holding that precious little boy! Today carl and I went to church and then had lunch with our good friends lance and michelle. It has been such a nice weekend. I am of course exhausted now, thus sitting in my comfy recliner and blogging!

Carl has just about finished the toy chest/bookshelf for Tripp's nursery. It looks so cute and we were really excited to get it in his room. He is still working on putting some baseballs and footballs he cut in half on the sides where there is already a wooden baseball bat (you can see if you look close). I have of course posted a pic!

So cute! Great job daddy!!

Well we are hoping to see tripp sometime this week! I go to the doctor first thing tuesday so we will see if there is any change and we will of course update the blog! I am so ready to pop this little big guy out! Sitting around all day can get pretty boring!! but thanks to carl, my mom, dad and sisters they have made it a bit easier for me! We hope you all have a blessed week and hope to have some exciting news soon! Thanks for checking in with us!


Traci & Tripp


  1. Man, that toychest/bookshelf is fabulous! Great job Carl!

  2. Hi Traci! Enjoy the boredom while you can. Hope to hear some good news from you soon! I remember what it was like to wait (~41 wks with Gabe) but also what it's like to be surprised (38 wks with Max)! Hope your wait is on the shorter side. I enjoy reading your blog!


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It's a yes!
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