Saturday, February 13, 2010

36 weeks and a Happy Valentine's Weekend!

Today is exactly one month to our due date! Hard to believe Tripp will be here in 4 weeks or less....hopefully less, mostly because we want to meet him! I never thought i'd be blogging about being 36 weeks along! This little guy is going to be here before we know it! I just can't wait to hold him in my arms!! As usual here is a little info on what baby tripp is up to this week in his development:

With one month to go, your baby weighs about six pounds and is fattening. His full length from crown to feet is about 20 1/2 inches. Has your baby's movement slowed down? If so, you shouldn't worry. Five to ten percent of all mothers report that babies start to slow down as they grow larger and get more cramped for space. Still, you should be able to feel your baby move more than ten times a day. If you're concerned, try drinking a sweet beverage, such as orange juice, and then lying on your side for a while. Most babies will wake up and start to move.

Tripp's movement has definitely slowed down but hasn't stopped much! We think he is so cramped in there that he likes to stretch out. He stretches so far out sometimes that he hurts me! I love it though! Carl likes to poke at hime which makes him move like crazy! Today my mom was talking to him and he was doing all kinds of crazy movements for her, I guess he can tell she is ready to spoil him rotten;) I have been nesting like crazy! Nothing seems to be clean enough or organized enough. I go into Tripp's room everyday and straigthen it up...straighten up what...I have no idea! Like I mentioned earlier this week I had a minor stress out session about not having EVERYTHING ready! Thanks to my wonderful mom, I now feel much better. She took me shopping Friday night to get all the rest of the gear I needed to put my mind at ease! She even bought me another cute pair of nursing PJ's so I can still be fashionable in the hospital;) I now have my hospital bag packed as well...minus one important item...Tripp's "coming home outfit" which is being washed as I type! Carl and I went shopping to find the perfect oufit! Carl thinks I'm crazy but he has to have the right outfit! However, my mom and sister Kelly found Tripp's outfit. It is perfect! They also bought him some booties (which cousin blake picked out for him) and another baseball cap...he has quite a selection already, just like his dad! Speaking of, I have posted some pics of the outfit carl came home in along with some other rather interesting outfits that he wore as a baby! The red one I like to refer to as "the pinocchio outfit". HAHA!

The outfit on the right was the outfit carl came home in! And check out the other two...can't you just see Carl in those! :)

As I near the end of my pregnancy I have been thinking about some of the things I could not have lived without during this time:

1. My snoogle! (body pillow made for preggos...a lifesaver!)

2. My belly belt...esp. later in pregnancy to help hold up this heavy little boy!

3. My wonderful hubby...he has been so great throughout this whole process...I am blessed!

4. My preggo workout dvd....for the days I didn't feel like hitting the gym:)

5. Cheese, spinach, cake, pineapple, mexican food, fried pickles and sweet tea!

6. My awesome mom!

7. The support of my wonderful family and friends, especially advice from my big sis. kelly

8. Sweat pants and tank tops!

9. Heating pad

10. Bubble baths

Jake trying out Tripp's jogging stroller...he loved it!

This weekend was great! Carl and I were able to spend lots of time together, which is really nice considering we are about to have less time for just the two of us. I even got to attend a baby shower brunch for Jessica who is having baby judd this wednesday! We can't wait to meet him! Our Valentine's Day was really nice too. Carl and I went to church together and then we met my mom, sister and nephews for a nice V-day lunch at Pappasitos! So I got to spend the day with all my favorite boys! It was a really nice and relaxing weekend. Last night I slept the best I have slept in a long while! Carl and I went and spent the night at my moms and slept in her sleep number bed. So I was able to comfortably sleep at an incline with my legs at just the right spot all while carl got to choose how he wanted to sleep on his side. It was heavenly:) Thanks Mom!! We might be doing that a few more times before little tripp arrives so mommy can get some sleep!

I posted a pic from my outing with my mom, sister and little love bugs, blake and jake. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a shot with one of my little bugs!

Jake, Tripp and I

I guess I've rambled on enough for sure and check back later this week! We go for our last ultrasound on thursday and we can't wait to see our little boy and see just how big he has gotten!! Hopefully he will be more cooperative when he gets his picture taken this time so we have something to show! We hope everyone had a happy V-day and has a great week!!


Traci & Tripp

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  1. Oh my gosh. I can't get over Carl's Pinnochio Outfit! Too cute.

    I know I've only seen you once during your pregnancy, but I've been keeping up with your blog...I can't believe little Tripp is almost here! I'm so excited for you and Carl!


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It's a yes!
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