Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So today I had my weekly doctor's appointment. Dr. Jackson said he didn't think it would be necessary to plan a c-section or an induction, which made me happy and a little relieved. He thinks I could probably do this naturally but will do a c-section if necessary. This morning my face was a little swollen and he was concerned about that, but after taking my blood pressure a few times and checking out my legs and ankles he said I would be fine. He was afraid I might have hypertension, but since I'm not displaying any other symptoms it is unlikely. I have been experiencing cramp like feelings the past few nights and Dr. Jackson told me to keep watch on those and if they get a little stronger I should start to time them and they could develop into full term labor! I think Dr. J thinks I will go into labor soon on my own, he even wants to see me first thing next week...we shall see.

I have noticed the bump dropping these last few days, I thought it was just my imagination until my mom saw me last night and confirmed my thoughts! It's only a matter of time now...we have everything ready to go, including car seat installed in car! All my family are on pins and needles, to the point where when I call, especially at night they answer quickly and sometimes out of breath! Last night my mom answered my call with a "is it time?!" haha so funny! Carl has always been good about answering my calls but he is much better now! It's so great to see how excited carl is...he is going to be such an amazing dad.

So hopefully little tripp will be making his appearance very soon! we really can't wait to meet our son and hold him in our arms! We are truly blessed.

After my doctor's appointment I had lunch with my good friend michelle (who will be marrying our good friend lance in a few short months!!) and then went and had a much needed spa mani/pedi! It felt so great and I now feel completely ready! I think Tripp has just been waiting on me to get ready;) Now it's time for a little nap:)

I have posted some pics of my 37 1/2 week belly. They aren't the greatest since I took them myself in front of the mirror...but the bump is there!

Thanks for checking in. We will update with any changes in the delivery plan and will of course update if I do happen to go into labor. Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far! Until next time...
Traci & Tripp


  1. Good luck the next couple of days and into the delivery! I don't think I will see you before Tripp gets here! I love the "bump". You look great! Can't wait to see the little guy!

  2. Traci,
    Not much longer!! We are thinking about you and Carl. Hang in there. Kate is ready for her cousin to get here and we are ready to meet our precious nephew.

  3. You are the cutest mommy ever, Traci!


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It's a yes!
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