Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update: Our BIG little baby

Tripp Ryder at 36 weeks (this is a profile picture!)

Today Carl and I had our last ultrasound! We found out some interesting information. After Dr. J took measurements of Tripp, he told us that at this point Tripp is measuring at about 8 lbs 11oz! Already at full term size but not quite ready to come out yet! If he goes to term we are looking at close to a 1o lb little guy! Hopefully little tripp will be ready to come out before then. There's a chance we may have to do a c-section or talk about inducing in 2 weeks, but we will let y'all know when we figure it all out. My mom was able to make it to the ultrasound as well, she is so excited to meet tripp and was just as shocked as we were to hear how big he is! The most important thing is that Tripp looks really good and healthy!

Last night I was feeling so sluggish and Carl was going to be home late, so mom came to the rescue! She picked me up and I went over to her house and soaked in her nice big tub! She even brought me some dinner while I was soaking in the tub. It was heavenly! Carl came by to get me on his way home and by that time I was so relaxed and ready for bed. It's no wonder I've been feeling so much pain and so tired...carrying our little biggin' around! We still can't wait to meet him! Can't believe it's almost time!!

I have posted some pictures of the nursery which is just about complete now, minus the toy chest carl is working on for tripp. I have also posted a pic of my 36 week belly since I forgot to earlier this week! Enjoy the pics and enjoy your weekend! I am looking forward to relaxing!!

The belly at 36 weeks (i don't have a tattoo on my arm, thats a sticker on the mirror)

The little pillow nest I sleep in!

We also had the oppurtunity to meet baby Judd, who was born yesterday! His little playmate will hopefully be along soon:) Congrats Adam & Jessica!! Holding that sweet little boy only made me more anxious to hold our little boy!! Can't wait!

We just wanted to give an update on Tripp. We will be updating again sometime this weekend. Thanks for checking in with us! Have a blessed weekend!!


traci & tripp :)


  1. Wow! He IS going to be a big guy! Looking forward to meeting him!


  2. Totally thought that was a tattoo on your arm. HA!!! Oh, I know me some big ol babies!! My first was 8lbs. 11 oz. I was 9lbs. 9 1/2 oz when I was born and my brother was 10lbs. 6 oz. My sis-n-law has had three girls and they were all over 9lbs. Yes, these were all vaginal!! You can totally do it!!! :) Can't wait to see pics of that sweet boy!! :)

  3. Oh, and I forgot to add...It is AMAZING what God allows our bodies do during delivery..even with those big scruptious babies popping out!!! And, miraculously, somehow everything goes back to normal. Well, almost. You can no longer sneeze or do jumping jacks without peeing all over yourself. That is a whole other story in itself! HA!! ;)

  4. Congrats Tracy! It seems like Tripp will be here soon :) The nursery looks fabulous!

  5. Hey...I know how you feel when it comes to carrying big babies. They predicted Luke to be 10.8lbs and it could be off by a lb either way. They took him by c-section 2 wks early. He ended up being 10.2lbs. They said that this baby will be just as big. Big babies are GREAT!! You will do great!! I love his nursery and can't wait to see pictures of baby Tripp!! Gets lots of rest the next couple of wks.


    I agree with Ash about the sneezing and jumping jacks!! HA!


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It's a yes!
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