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The title about sums up the last couple of days. Tuck had his endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures today with yesterday being our prep day. If you've ever had one as an adult you know it's no fun, so you can imagine what it's like as a little guy. We had to start it after lunch, so my sweet father in law took Tripp to speech and to run errands in the morning so I could have some time to do a few things and get tucker down for a nap before all the chaos began. Carl worked half a day then came home to help. To sum up the day wasn't too bad, tuck was in a pretty good mood and Carl being home was a good distraction that tuck didn't even miss his milk...until bedtime! I was able to get him down and thought hey we might get some sleep! Boy was I wrong. He slept for about an hour then woke up, we tried everything to get him back down but he was wide awake. Long story short, little man didn't go to sleep until 4:30 am!! Carl and I took shifts every two hours. Once he went down he woke up every hour until 745 when we had to leave. Poor guy was so hungry and wanted his milk. He kept saying "peeeese???" (Please) which broke my heart:( anyways, Carl went to work, aunt janelle came over to watch Tripp (and alternated with coach all day) and my mom came with tuck and me.

We had to arrive by 9:30 for the procedure at 11 am. Of course they were running late and didn't take him back until 11:30. At that point he had been screaming and crying for his milk for about an hour. It was awful and there was nothing we could do to calm him down. He even tried to eat my Chapstick he was so hungry! At least it was cherry flavored ( gotta find a little humor in a bad situation;)) by the time they took him back my nerves were shot and I was ready to pass out. Luckily I brought my bible study with me to do, which was just what I needed. That and a little chat time with my mom:)

Ok on to the results. Basically his colon and esopogus looked good. She checked his stomach and g-button because of all the pain he's been having and it looked good too. However, the inflammation in his duodenum is still present and looks like it hasn't changed. She won't know how severe it is until the biopsies come back, that is how they found out it was severe last time. She also took biopsies everywhere else and said sometimes there is inflammation even when they can't see it. So we will know more in a couple of days. So he will most likely be having his iron infusion on Friday, which means another day in the hospital hooked up to an IV for several hours:( the iron is absorbed in the duodenum region so this is why they think he is not absorbing iron properly. So not great results but not bad either. We are still awaiting results from our immunologist and the anesthesiologist was able to draw labs for our endocrinologist while he was under as well. The staff as usual was amazing and all tried to help tuck cheer up:) after the procedure tuck was mad as ever, trying to rip off all his chords until he fell asleep in exhaustion.

When we finally left tuck was passed out in my arms so I carried his heavy limp body all the way to the car. Well, we had to wait forever for valet to bring the car around. During our wait tucker starting spitting up a little blood, which freaked me out, then proceeded to have a blow out in his diaper. I was on the verge of a breakdown. That is until a sweet little girl named jasmine sat down next to us. She was bald and had just finished a round of chemo. She was smiling and playing with her Barbie. Her mom was nice and when she saw tucker spitting up mentioned he might be hot and I should wait inside. Funny how God always has a way to bring us back down when we start to feel sorry for ourselves. I am thankful for that:) it was a VERY hard day, but it could have been a lot worse. Tonight I will pray for that sweet brave little girl:)

I will also be praying that we are closer to answers. I am tired of dragging my poor baby through all of this, but I know there is a reason for it. Our hard week is only half way through but we will make it! We are so blessed with such amazing friends and family. They've really come together in our time of need. I wish I could list everyone by name, but because we are so blessed it would take me all night and honestly I'm about ready to pass out;) thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers, you really don't know how much each one means to me and us. Love you all!!

Starting the prep, poor guy didn't know what was coming:(

Yaya trying to keep him entertained:)

How he was majority of the time:( don't you just love my expression?!

All done!

Thanks for stopping by! Please continue to pray for us and tuck! I will update after the iron infusion on Friday. Love and blessings to all!!

Love and blessings,

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