Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gearing up

This week is one I have been dreading but ready to get over with. Tucker has his endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures on Wednesday, with a prep day most of the day Tuesday. Worst part is that he will be on a clear liquid diet and then come midnight he cannot have anything to eat or drink (he can have clear liquids up until a few hours before). His procedure is not until 11 am. We do have to be there at 9:30 which means we will leave around 8 am. So at least he will be moving around and not just stuck at home wanting his milk:/ I'm planning on not getting much sleep Tuesday evening:/ maybe I will be surprised;) the procedure could take up to 3 hours (which I'm thinking less) and then after he recovers and wakes up we can go home. We will definitely be hitting up chickfila on the way so my poor baby can eat his fave chickey and frenchies;) Thursday he has physical therapy and then Friday he is set up to have an iron infusion. They will of course check his iron levels first, but both doctors seem to think he will most likely need to get iron this way until they can figure out the underlying condition. So needless to say we have quite a week ahead of us. Please keep us and sweet tuck in your prayers:)

This past weekend we were pretty low key. Just what I wanted with the week coming up. We spent a lot of time as a family, ran errands and just relaxed:) Saturday morning I even got out for a bit by myself and had a breakfast date with my mom followed by some shopping:) it was good to get out alone for a bit;) anyways here are a few random pics from my phone:) I will update after tuck's procedures with any new info.

Made a yummy dirt cake for the boys!

Tuckey loved it!

Who needs a bike when you have a 4-wheeler;)

Tuck wanted in on the action!

Our DVD player in our car was momentarily not working, all I can say is thank God for iPads;) (sad I know!)

This little guy loves him some ice cream!

Today after swimming lessons we went to the mall for a bit, before our crazy week begins!

Found this gem at coach's house, Carl's hair was really light like tucks!

And I have decided to start a new fitness regimen today, with everything going on I've been neglecting my activities!! Day one down and I feel great!! Here's to toning my muscles and maybe dropping a few LB's;)
Thanks for stopping by:) please keep us in your prayers:)
Love and blessings,
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