Monday, May 20, 2013

Surgery scheduled

I have been waiting for the call to tell us what time Tucker's surgery will be. Well I got it and it will be tomorrow at 11:30am. We are supposed to be there at 9:30am. Now that the time is set the butterflies have started. I know it's necessary, I know it's temporary and I know it's not a major surgery. But it is surgery and tucker will be under anesthesia. I can't help but worry. However, I know all I can do is pray and know God will take care of the rest:) the surgery is supposed to take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half then tuck will be in recovery for about an hour. After that, we will be put in our room. The average stay is 3-4 days so the doctor told us if all goes well we could go home on the third morning, which would be Friday. So that is our prayer.

However, in the past week we have been thrown for a few loops. Tucker came down with a bad case of hand, foot and mouth virus. We couldn't figure out where he got it. Then we remembered Tripp had a fever the weekend before and was complaining that his mouth hurt. After a day or so he was fine with no other symptoms. So I figured that was the source. When I picked Tripp up on Friday from his last day of school, the teacher noticed tuck's rash and told me that the hand, foot and mouth virus had spread through school "like wildfire". I was thinking thanks a lot for letting us know! Anywho, thus the source. Tripp had a very mild case but poor tuck had a HORRIBLE case with lots of the rash all over his legs. He was miserable and needless to say we had a very restless week:/ I was worried that this may postpone things but when I took him to the doc Friday it was already clearing up and by today he is almost completely healed! Thank God! But another loop this morning!! Tripp was up all night telling me his throat was hurting. We gave him some Benadryl to help him sleep but it did not work! Poor guy was miserable. Luckily tuck slept really well! He didn't run any fever but I thought I'd better take him in to be sure. So back to our doctor AGAIN. They swabbed him for strep, and yep, positive!!! Good thing is we got antibiotics and already started them. Bad thing is, I'm trying to keep he and tuck apart as much as possible and we've been washing our hands so much they might fall off;) I've also disinfected the whole house and washed all the sheets! We don't need anymore germs! The doc said as long as tuck is still acting normal and not running fever before tomorrow, he should be fine for his surgery. So that is our current prayer:) I'm ready to get this over with. I am exhausted!! That triple shot latte I had this morning was well needed and much deserved!

In other news, tucker had his abdominal ultrasound on Friday and I was able to talk to the doctor and get some results Friday afternoon. The good news is that there wasn't anything "bad" and it was pretty clear. The weird news is that tucker has what is called 'kidney duplication' which basically means a part of his kidney is doubled. This could be a negative thing and cause infection, etc, but in tuck's case it seems (and many others) it's just a weird thing. So that was interesting. The other thing was there was a thickening of the wall of the intestine. This could be part of the inflammation they found during the endoscopy, but it's something we have to discuss with our gastro doc and see what they think. So all in all, it was a good result. I was happy.

That is all the news for now. I will keep my blog updated with surgery results, etc. please feel free to text, call and email me anytime. If I can answer/respond I will:) we enjoy hearing from everyone and love to know how much prayer we have! Thank you all! Please lift tucker in prayer tomorrow for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Thanks again and blessings to all!

Here are a few recent pictures:

My sweet boy, last night with all that tape on his face!

We think he is getting closer to walking!!

So blessed by these three:)

Crazy chief! He and going were so gracious to accompany us to tucks ultrasound:)

Had a fun dinner date with my sisters:) much needed!

Tripp's water day at school, the boys were squirting all the girls... So funny!!!

Thanks again for stopping by:) we love you all!!

Love and blessings,

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