Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

We had a great memorial day weekend! Friday we were released from the hospital with tucker. Carl went on to work and my wonderful father in law brought tripp and came to pick up me and tuck. He is such a great man and always so helpful to us!! We are blessed with a great coach and grammy would be so proud!! After we got home, both boys went down for a nap and I was able to get in a much needed nap as well. Friday night we picked up some pizzas and had dinner with yaya and coach. We then took a walk down schindewolf lane and spent some time with aunt janelle, uncle jimmie and aunt carrie. They were all so glad tuck was back on the block;) Saturday was pretty laid back, as tuck was still sore from his surgery. So we hung out around the house, went to the grocery store and I snuck in a quick workout while tuck was nappng:) Once both boys went down for their afternoon nap, I went to have lunch with my mom and sisters to celebrate my little sister's birthday! I cannot believe she is 26!! But then again I do turn the BIG 30 this year:0 We had a great time celebrating and sprnding time together:) Once I got home we spent some more time outside then I whipped up some pancakes for dinner, coach was able to join us once again and we had a great time:)
Carl ended up throwing his back out this weekend, so he was hobbling all around! poor guy! On Sunday, when the boys went down, so did carl! That is a rare occurance!! So while they were all sleeping I took advantage and went out for a run. It was super hot, but super worth it:) I love running!! Anyways, after naps we headed over to my dad's for a barbque and some fun in the sun! We celebrated tiffany's birthday once again and enjoyed the pool:) Tripp LOVES swimming and did not want to go home! Guess we will be spending quite a few hours at the pool this summer;) Poor tucker couldn't get in the pool because of his surgery. It will be a month before he can be submerged in water. He enjoyed sitting in the shade with his mommy:) Sunday night, we were all exhausted, so it was early bedtimes for all:) Tuck hasn't been sleeping great so the more time we can get, we take it:)
Monday, Carl had to go into work for a few hours so we had a friend over for a morning playdate:) Carl got home around lunchtime and we spent the rest of the day playing outside:) Coach came over and hung out with us and we grilled some turkey burgers:) I also got to finally use my new whataburger spicy ketchup and mustard...I was super excited!! It's the little things;) It was a great weekend!! We are blessed by great family and friends:)
SinceI finally pulled my camera out again, here is a bit of a pic overload:) ENJOY!!

daddy and tripp feeding the fish and turtles

tuckey on our walk:)

our sweet boys

tuck is feeling much better!!
Tiffany's fun cake!

hanging out by the pool
had to change a flat tire on the way home from dad's! So I got all new tires this weekend too:)

tripp loves to help daddy mow:)

sisters celebrating tiffany!

mom and us:)
 chief swimming with the boys! tuck will be in there soon:)
helping aunt rat blow out her candles:)
 tuck enjoying the water yesterday...he has to wear onesies to cover up his tube:)
 my babies!
tripp's last day of school

tripp the stud at water day;)
Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a blessed week:) I will be updating again soon, we have several doctors appointments and specialists this week...please continue to pray for our sweet tuck! love to all!
Love and Blessings,

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