Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Surgery and some news

So today we had our consult with the surgeon that will be putting in Tucker's g-tube. While we were in the waiting room, I got a call from the immunologist with some new info. The little bit of blood they were able to get the other day indicated several things:
His monocytes (a type of white blood cell) are still high. His platelets are high and he has a high number of 'bands' which are a type of immature white blood cell. They are not sure why these numbers are the way they are. So they want us to do two things. First, get an ultrasound done. Reason being, apparently one thing these platelets could indicate is a problem with the spleen. So they want to check it out. Second, they want us to see a hematologist/oncologist to look further into the blood issues. Obviously the oncology word scares the crap out of me, but it was explained to me that this type of doctor is a specialist in blood and cells, etc. so they are wanting them to take a look to see if they can narrow the process down. The doctor also explained that all these specialists are working together to try and get a diagnosis. So while we were waiting, I managed to secure an ultrasound appointment for this Friday and left a message with the hematology scheduler. Normally, I have to wait on their call, but I know his orders are already in the system so I decided to be proactive.

Back to the surgical consult. The doctor was great! He received an email from our immunologist explaining the situation with the lab work. So he told us they would definitely be able to get the labs drawn while tuck is under anesthesia. We will also have the surgery done at the med center location, so that's great. He went over all the risks and info and told us we would need to wait to hear from his secretary to schedule. I explained how we would like to get it done as soon as possible for so many reasons (ng tube needs replacing, labs to get the ball rolling on diagnosis, etc). He told us he would call her and try to get a ahold of her and get her to call us today instead of tomorrow. He also gave me her number to try as well. I started calling as soon as I walked out of the office. I left a message. When I pulled into my drive way I had the urge to try once more. She answered and said she just got back to her desk and just had a cancellation. So tucker will have his surgery this coming Tuesday. They will call us Monday with a time. We will have to stay for 3-4 days depending on how tuck does. So back to our home away from home:/ It continues to amaze me how God is working all of this out. The fact that the immunologist called right before we saw the surgeon. The fact that I was able to get in for an ultrasound this week. And the fact that I got a hold of the surgery assistant right after she had a cancellation. Thank you God for working it all out. As nervous as I am, I know that God is with us and watching over tucker. Everything is going to be ok. I'm going to try and stay strong and let faith win out over my fear! (Thank you Reid and Rachel for your inspiration!)

That is it for now. I am exhausted and praying for answers. Please continue to pray for us, God is hearing us:) please keep us in your prayers for next week. I will definitely keep posting updates on my blog. Thank you again for all your support. We love you and thank you. Thanks for stopping by.

Love and blessings,

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