Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend:) it started Friday night with a date night! It has been a while and was much needed:) my sweet mom came over to watch the boys. It's hard to get out these days especially because tucker is so attached to me, plus the complications of having an ng tube. So thanks mom for taking on the challenge!! Anyways, Carl and I had a nice dinner then he surprised me with tickets to see Deryl Dodd at dosey doe! It was such a great show!! We had such a great night:) I'm blessed to have such an amazing hubby:) here are a few pics from our date, including one of Deryl Dodd singing amazing grace with his parents, such a cool guy!!

The rest of the weekend we got to hang out as a family:) unfortunately, Tripp wasn't feeling well Saturday and was running fever:/ so we spent most of the day lounging around. Carl was busy working on our house. We are doing some renovations. Last weekend he knocked out a wall and this weekend he started putting in our wood floors! I cannot wait until it's all finished:) next step will be renovating the bathroom! However, progress will probably be slowed when tuck has his surgery:/ oh well! One thing at a time:)

Sunday morning, I woke up to Tripp in my face saying "wake up mama!" Cute, right? Not so much when it is 4 am!! Haha. I guess he was feeling better and had lots of playtime to catch up on! Anyways, we were all up bright and early! Carl and Tripp picked up some bagels and coffee and brought me flowers and a card. It was so sweet:) after breakfast we headed out to go see Grammy. It's always emotional going to her site, but especially on the first Mother's Day without her. I miss her so much!! But this year we know she's celebrating in heaven and with her mother too:)

After I put tuck down for nap, Tripp and I took my mom out to lunch. We went to gringos and had some Mother's Day mimosas to boot! It was a great lunch:) I'm so thankful for my mama and all she has done for me and continues to do for me! Don't know where I would be without her:)

We ended a great day with grilled chicken, green beans and home made Mac'n'cheese:) my mom and coach joined us for dinner and dessert:) to say I am blessed would be an understatement! I am blessed and honored to be a mom to two precious and sweet boys! It's a hard job sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

It was nice having a somewhat laid back weekend before our crazy week starts again. Tomorrow tuck has his surgery consult and we will figure out when all of that will take place. Please continue to pray for us:)

Thank you all and thanks for stopping by! Hope all you moms had a great day!!

Tripp wasn't feeling well and tuck wanted to snuggle:)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Bringing mommy flowers:)

Visiting Grammy:)

Checking out the new floors:)

Cheers to us!

Think he had a fun weekend:)

Love and blessings,

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