Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Thought I would write a quick update on tucker after his endoscopy procedure this morning. I was initially worried about him being under anesthesia because while we were in the hospital he was sedated for his MRI and had a really hard time coming out of it. I knew at the time he was much more lethargic but I was still worried. The doctor was a little concerned about how he would react, but told us that worse case we would have to stay in the hospital over night for observation.

Well the procedure went well and he came out of anesthesia just fine, praise God! We had to stay for about an hour after for observation but they were happy to send us home:) the doctor said everything looked normal with the exception of some spots of inflammation. We won't know too much more until the paths come back which will be a couple of days. Tucker was a champ as usual:)

Some more good news we received came in a phone call as we were leaving the hospital. The genetics team called and told us that the results from the chromosome test came back and it was all normal! Praise Jesus. That was one of the bigger test results we were waiting on and it came back sooner than expected.

I also was finally able to get tucker approved to start occupational therapy for his feeding issues. I have had to spend lots of time on the phone talking to doctors, nurses, supervisors, managers, etc. all because of one questionable evaluator. But it was all worth it. We will start tomorrow morning. We will also have an evaluation next week with a speech pathologist who specializes in feeding issues. So hopefully this will help to get us somewhere.

As for our mystery boy, no diagnosis yet, but he is getting better everyday and for now we are focusing on feeding, getting this tube out and physical therapy. Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers. We are feeling every bit of them and we are continually feeling Gods presence in all of this.

Thank you all again and a special thank you to our families who have really stepped up to help us out and help care for our big boy, Tripp:) we love you!!

And here's a fun pic of Tripp standing with aunt carrie's car...he loves it!!

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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