Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some good news

Ok, so after waiting for what seemed like forever, our pediatrician called me first thing Friday morning to tell me what the hematologist said concerning Tucker's current labs. He said I will use his exact words, "dr. George said concerning his labs it looks reassuring" I think at that moment I breathed the biggest sigh of relief! I didn't realize I had literally been holding my breath! So at this point we don't need to go any further down that route. Praise God! The one thing they both noticed was tucker is still a little anemic. They were hoping the feeds would help with that. So now we have to start giving him an iron supplement as well, not a big deal!! And tucker did not run fever last night and slept all night!! It was a night we all needed!! Tripp slept well also and seems to be feeling better. Praise be to God! He always knows when I've reached the end of my energy reserves.

I also spoke with our GI yesterday. She did confirm that tucker has a significant gastric emptying delay and prescribed some medication to help with it. She seemed to think that because he also seemed to have a virus at the time of testing, that it played a role in the results. Apparently when children get viruses their gastric emptying slows down, that is why most kids don't feel like eating when sick. So he does have a delay but probably not as significant as results showed. The medication is still needed none the less. She also seemed to think the inflammation they found is contributing to it, so hopefully the nexium will help. This poor kid is having to take lots of different meds and supplements, but I guess the one positive thing about the ng tube is that we can just syringe the meds down the tube and not have to fight him to drink them. There's always a silver lining, right? ;)

Yesterday after I got the news I realized how much stuff I let go around the house. Our laundry had piled up and the house was a mess! But I hadn't even noticed because I had been so worried. My poor husband was wearing the same jeans to work and didn't say a thing! Needless to say I regained some energy and finished all the laundry yesterday! I also started cleaning up and hope to finish today. Last night we decided to meet carl after work at pappasitos. the boys did great and it was so nice getting out as a family. Carl is working today so the boys and I are flying solo this morning.

That is all for now. Hopefully I won't be updating again for a few days. We really need some uneventful, restful days:) hope all have a blessed weekend! Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers! They are being felt:)

Love and blessings,
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