Monday, April 1, 2013

Another update

Ok so another little update. Tucker has been perking up since Friday! However, saturday morning he started vomiting and became somewhat lethargic again. They hooked him back up to the IV and also gave him some zofran (anti nausea meds) which seemed to help. After a while he perked up a tad bit again and started back on his night feeds. Sunday morning he started vomiting again and had to get a new IV in place (his other two blew) in order to receive some more fluids if needed. However we were able to get him to drink pedialyte so he hasn't had to get hooked up again. He was a bit more perky than he was the day before after vomiting. The doctors seem to think the vomiting is from him getting used to having a full tummy and more nutrition. Hopefully, that is the case. We did one more test early this morning and as long as tucker is more active and gaining weight and the test results are normal we may be able to go home later this afternoon. We get the results around 3 and will find out for sure. Carl went back to work today so tuck and I are flying solo. We've already worked with the PT, went for a walk, grabbed some lunch and now it's time for a nap.

And as of now, we don't have a diagnosis of any kind as to what has been causing tuck's lethargy and weight loss. All of the tests they have been doing are coming back normal, which is good but puzzling. We will be awaiting results of some of the tests that take longer once we get out. I know one of the tests is one genetics is doing which is a chromosomal microarray ( I think thats the name) which might tell us something. We are going to be following up with all of the specialists we have seen here, along with OT and PT. Hopefully, tucker will continue to improve:) we will be educated on how to use the feeding tube before we leave and we will have to put one in him! I'm so scared, but know we have to do it. They actually brought us a doll to practice on, not the same thing at all!! You will see a pic of tuck with the doll below:) first thing he did was pull out her tube! Smart cookie! Hoping he doesn't pull his out too much!! Life will be challenging with Tripp, tuck and a feeding tube but we can do it!! Hopefully not for too long:)

Thank you again for all your prayers and well wishes! We really are blessed with some amazing family and friends!! Hope all had a happy and blessed Easter:) it was hard not being able to be home and spend Easter with Tripp and the family, but he had a blast with his yaya, aunts and cousins:)

I will update my blog again soon, hopefully from home!!

Here are some recent pics of the little patient:)

Here are a few pics my mom and sister sent me throughout Easter Day since we were missing our boy:)

Thank you for stopping by! I will update again soon:) please continue to pray for our boy!! Thanks again:)

Love and blessings,

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