Monday, November 26, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...


The Christmas season is upon us!! I love it:) we got our decorations up on Friday and finished up Saturday and I got all my Christmas cards addressed and sent out today! Did I mention that I finished my Christmas shopping today too?! I feel very productive and I love this time of year!! Here are a few recent pictures. This year I decided to decorate our tree with hot wheels since Tripp is obsessed with them!! So I took the time to tie string around each little car and hang them on the tree. When Tripp came in and saw his cars hanging from the tree (he has TONS of them) he freaked out and started ripping them off the tree!! It was actually pretty funny:) needless to say we didn't get to have a complete hot wheels tree like I had planned but we were able to hang some with a few other ornaments too.

Tucker got his first haircut last night too! Daddy cut his hair while we were over visiting coach. So his little mullet curl is gone! He looks like a big boy now:/ my babies are getting too big!!

Hope all have a blessed week:)

Our tree

Look closely and you can see the cars


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It's a yes!
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