Thursday, September 6, 2012

two and a half

Our big boy is now officially 2 and a half! I decided it was reason enough to dedicate a post solely to him. Tripp made me a mother and will always hold a special place in my heart. He is the most sweet natured, tender hearted little monster around;) Tripp is such a big boy with such a cute little personality. Here are some things that tripp is up to these days:
  • is a great sleeper and still takes one nap a day
  • so cute and says "aben" (amen) after we say our prayers
  • LOVES cars of any kind and especially loves hot wheels
  • LOVES lightning McQueen and all things cars
  • loves to play outside and runs soooooo fast!
  • is such a little turkey and runs away from me everytime we go outside (likes for us to chase him)
  • still isn't a great eater but loves hot dogs, chick-fil-a, fruit, fruit snacks, cheese, chips and milk of course!!
  • loves to go anywhere in the car!
  • isn't completely talking but communicates well and is saying so many more words
  • is still in diapers, but has some interest in the potty and goes every once in a while
  • loves watching tv, especially disney movies like toy story and bolt
  • loves trains and makes the choo choo noise
  • really enjoys putting on new shirts and shorts and gets excited when he gets them and wants to put them on right away!
  • loves tom and jerry!
Those are just a few highlights of my sweet boy! In other big news, I decided on a whim yesterday to go ahead and let tripp start mother's day out once a week. My plan was to have him start for sure next year and I started calling around getting info for next year. I wasn't expecting anyone to have open spots this year but it happened! It totally threw me off because tripp is technically ready, so I didn't know what to do. I had this whole plan in my head for next year. My good friend Brenden told me that her church (champion Forest Baptist Church) had a mother's day out program that allowed you to choose just one day a week and she checked and they had 2 spots left (one for graham and one for tripp). I was thinking that one day would be a good test to see how tripp does and to kind of get him used to it before adding a day next year. So I went yesterday and looked around and got a really great vibe! My sweet mother-in-law told me that when I went in and looked around I would get a good or bad feeling automatically and just know. Well she was right! Tripp was with me and he was so excited he wanted to go play right then. He even cried when we were leaving and kept yelling "door" because he wanted to go back in! I felt like God (because I've been praying like crazy to know if this was the right time) was telling me this was the right place and right time. So I signed him up. And he starts today!! That meant yesterday I was running around getting shot records, back pack, lunch box, and a nap mat (which I already had). It all worked out and we got it all together. Grammy is coming with me to take tripp for his first day. I'm just praying it goes smoothly!! I know this is the right thing for him. He needs something like this, it's just hard! So I'm praying this is the right thing for my big man!!
Alright, enough words here are some pictures of my growing boy. Love my tripper doodle!!

tripp with his coach

why are you taking my picture again?

so sweet to his cousin;)

LOVES his car bed and sheets!!

loves his daddy and the outdoors:)

loves swimming and playing with coach

typical morning:)

relaxing and watching bolt
so sweet to his brother

watch out ladies!

helping daddy take out the trash
 sweet brothers
 trying out his nap mat for school
and I had to post first pumpkin spice latte of the season! Happy birthday week to me!!
Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating soon with pictures and stories of our first day of mother's day out adventures!! Please pray for us and continue praying for our grammy! Hope all have a great day!
Love and Blessings,

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  1. Conn's parents go to Champion Forest! We've used the nursery a couple of times when we've visited. It's wonderful!! Hope he has a great first day! :)


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It's a yes!
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