Wednesday, September 26, 2012

growing up

I just have to brag on my big boys for a minute. They are both getting so big and growing and changing every minute! Tripp is very active and crazy most of the time, but is starting to calm down and obey a little bit more;) Last night we went to visit grammy at the hospital then we went out to dinner. We don't usually go to dinner because tripp does not like to sit still for very long so we were a little nervous. We also didn't have the ipad (which helps) so we weren't sure how it would go and were ready to bolt at any minute;) Well it went so well!! Tripp sat quietly the whole hour and ate lots of chips and fajitas!! He even ordered "ju" (apple juice). I did let him watch tom and jerry on my phone so that helped, but he was such a big boy!! I almost cried. Tucker was pretty good most of the time too. I kept handing him snacks and toys and he was pretty content most of the time in his high chair. However, towards the end of dinner he started getting fussy because he was tired, so I held him and gave him his bottle and he was fine. We even had an older couple beside us who complemented us on our well behaved kids...I almost choked on my food!! haha.
Tucker is growing so fast too!! He is quite a lazy little thing, compared to his brother at this age, but he does get around a room quickly by doing his infamous log roll! He also, claps, gives 5, waves, dances and loves to shake his head!! His most favorite thing to do is stand up! He can't quite pull himself all the way up, but with a little help getting up, he will hold on to something and stand on his own! Thinking he may be skipping the crawling and going to straight to walking. We will see. Grammy told me that is what carl did...maybe he will be like his daddy!! Ok enough about my precious boys!! Time to do some more packing before they wake up! Enjoy the few pics:)
my big boy all tuckered new slippers for the cruise!

 sweet brother hugs:)
the loves of my life:)
playing a little music;)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!!
Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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