Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tripp's first day of School and more...

This past week may have been a short week but it was a crazy one! As I mentioned in the previous post, tripp started school last that pretty much threw us for a loop!
Tripp did ok on his first day. I think I was so busy that I didn't have time to let it all sink in, until the very morning of school! Grammy came with me, thank goodness. She was very helpful with tucker and a big help to me emotionally;) We got to school and tripp saw his friend graham. They were so excited to see each other!! When it came time to take him to his class, he went right in. While he was distracted with some toys I snuck out. Then the waterworks came!! I could hear him crying and looking for me! I of course teared up myself, but susan reminded me that this was good for him and we should let him try it out. So we did. We hung around for about 20 more minutes at which time grammy went and listened outside the classroom and said tripp was ok and playing. So I left. When I got home with tucker it was so quiet and I didn't know what to do:) Tucker went down for a nap (after looking around the room several times like he was confused about the quietness!!) and I worked out, did laundry, cleaned up and even had time to catch up on some DVR. After that I met Brenden for lunch before we went to pick up the boys. We got to pick up at about 1:45 (school ends at 2) and I went ahead to his classroom to get him. It was dark when I got there and the teacher came out explaining it was still naptime, but tripp was awake. She went and got him and when he came out he had a huge smile on his face and said "MA!" The teacher said he had just woken up from an hour and a half nap!! I was shocked that he slept at all! Then she said he did ok. He cried off and on. She said he did better when they were out of the classroom...figures, my lil man is all about action and playtime;) So it wasn't great but he made it through the day. We will try again and see how it goes. Hopefully he will get used to it sooner rather than later! I just wish I could shake this guilt I feel...I know this is a good thing for him and that is what is most important!!
Yesterday we had a playdate with jessica and brenden and all our kiddos, which consist of 4 boys and 2 baby girls!! It was chaotic but oh so much fun! I picked up some donuts from shipleys and we all ate, laughed, drank coffee and had a fun time. Susan even got to come over and join in the fun:) At one point all 4 boys were jumping from couch to couch and across to the ottoman! It was pretty funny. Guess that's why we don't have super nice furniture...maybe one day;)
Last night we had a fun time at grammy and coach's with uncle erik and the girls. We played outside, played inside, ate some pizza, took baths (the kiddos , not us...haha) then went home and went to sleep! What a fun friday. Carl even got home before 6 which is a miracle these days;)
Here are some pictures...

trying on his backpack

all tripp's "stuff" for school

first day picture...could not get him to take his hand out of his mouth or get his attention from 'bolt' on tv

our playdate...can you tell graham was enjoying his donut;)

crazy boys!

grammy and sweet lily

jumping around...notice who the leader is;)

tripp riding in the barbie jeep at grammy and coach's

kate taking tripp for a ride

I don't think kate wanted to let the crazy man drive her!

tripp checking under the hood before the ride...he does this all the time, so funny!

tuck trying out the jeep;)

tuck and abbey taking a bath at g & c's
 hugging graham on the first day of school:)

tripp and graham trying to get in the doors! (like chad (graham's dad said) "one day they will be trying to get out of the doors")
 me with sweet lily:)
crazy silly grammy!!
Thanks for stopping by! We will hopefully be enjoying my birthday weekend, even though carl had to go in to work!! Oh well! It's off to do some shopping for me and the boys:) Hope all have a great weekend!
Love and blessings,

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  1. Hahaha that picture of Graham with icing on his face is hilarious!!!


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It's a yes!
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