Sunday, August 12, 2012

weekend recap

We had a busy weekend this past weekend. We normally do not have a lot going on but occasionally we have a weekend come up with lots of stuff! Friday night we went over to one of my best friend's parents house to celebrate her dad's 60th birthday. We had a blast and even tried out a non-family baby sitter for the very first time!! We loved her and have had her over before to get to know the boys while I was around and see if we were a good fit for each other. Well we were and tripp loves ashley!! She is so great with our boys and we look forward to having her over again soon. Grammy did come by to help her get tucker down because he needs a little more time getting used to new people than his brother does:) All in all it was a success and we had a great, much needed night out. Saturday, Carl had to go into work for a few hours so the boys and I headed to sam's to pick up some essentials. they do so great in the cart and love interacting with each other. Saturday afternoon after carl got home my mom and I snuck out to do a little shopping, it was a well deserved break for this mommy:) Saturday night yaya came over to watch the boys while carl and I headed to his cousin Shayna's couple shower. We had a fun time celebrating shayna and kyle and had yet another nice night out alone:) It was a rare weekend of alone time but was much needed! Thank yaya, keith, grammy and ashley:)

Today was a somewhat productive day. This morning we got up, had some coffee, fed the boys, I worked out, then cleaned house a bit, went to the grocery store with tripper while carl stayed home with tucker while he napped and worked on the playhouse. I then came home made a couple casseroles then got tucker up from nap and headed to have lunch with my mom and sisters. We try and meet every once in a while. It's usually just us girls and sometimes our little guys too:) This time I brought tucker along as my little date while carl stayed home with tripp and played outside:) However, tucker was not quite the perfect date, he threw up all over my mom after she fed him! I felt so bad because my mom was dressed so nice having just come from church! Poor little guy wasn't having a reaction to any food, I think sometimes when he gets too hot and drinks too much of his bottle it causes his tummy to not agree with him:( Sorry mom! Other than that we had a great lunch and enjoyed spending time with my mom, sisters and nephews. We came home from lunch and headed over to see the lowes and new baby lily! We brought them some dinner and got to spend time with sweet lily! I love that little girl:) We then went straight over to grammy and coach's where we had some yummy dinner and had a great time playing! It has been a busy day but a great one full of family time:) Ok enough with all the banter! Here are some pictures...enjoy!

 sweet boy

 love this picture!

 this boy loves to jump!

 my sweet monkeys

 love his face in this picture!

 love<3 p="p">

bath time fun at grammy and coach's

got some new crocs! Thanks yaya:)

nana and papa came to visit!

great friends and a great night...thanks allums family!

sweet little lily:)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a great week and had a great weekend full of family, friends and blessings like we did:) Will update again soon!

Love and Blessings,

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