Friday, June 1, 2012


Today we went to take the boys to the mall to have their pictures done, get some chick-fil-a and have a little fun and playtime:) Grammy was sweet enough to come along with us! The boys were in such a good mood the whole way and I thought..."yay! Finally we can catch some of these smiling faces!" Well, boy was I wrong! As soon as we arrived both boys took off their halos and their horns popped out;) Tucker started whining and tripp found a car as a prop and refused to get out of it (hence the picture of him in the car). It was actually humorous...everytime we tried to sit them down together tripp would get up and take off and tucker would start screaming!! Needless to say, I was sweating and flustered!! Perhaps, that is one reason I always have my hair up, no makeup and stay in my workout clothes all day...with these two ya never know;) Anyways, we ended up getting a few decent shots. Good thing I have a nice new camera so I can take my own professional style shots...seem to be able to take better pictures on my own! We wore poor grammy out...guess that's what she should expect when she spends the day with her two crazy grandsons!! Thanks again Grammy! Here are the few decent pictures we got.

yes, tripp refused to put down his car!

this picture screams tripp...catch me if you can:)

my sweet tucker bug

Well there ya go! Not great, but ok. I am going to be getting some family pictures done soon, so hopefully those will work out better...better not hold my breath;) It has been a crazy week as usual with my boys, so tonight carl and I are having a date night with some good friends! I am so looking forward to getting out and most of all having a nice, big, cold margarita!! Thanks in advance to my wonderful mom for staying with the boys!! We hope all have a great weekend!

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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